Glazer Mailbag: The 'All-Brett Favre' edition

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Jay Glazer

Jay Glazer is one of NFL's top insiders. In addition to providing breaking news, columns and video, he appears weekly on "FOX NFL Sunday." Visit Jay's exclusive page for hot scoops and watch MMAthetics and The After Party.

Here's Jay's latest mailbag hit, as he fields questions about the Giants' flop last week, Big Ben's passing credentials and the problem in Green Bay. To send Jay a question, either: A) Click the Glazer's Edge page, then submit your name and question/comment in the Fan Forum section. B) "Tweet" a question or comment to Jay via his running Twitter page at Twitter.com (jay_glazer).

Hall of a question

QUESTION — Joey from Plain, Wisc.: "Let's say Minnesota wins the Super Bowl. Does Brett go into the HOF as a Viking? Does Minnesota get to retire his number? Would that seem weird or what? Makes my stomach a bit queasy." QUESTION — Roger from Rice Lake, Wisc.: "What's the chances for No. 4 to retire and enter into the HOF as a Packer? I can accept his current status as I love to watch him play, but I feel that entering the HOF as a Viking would really be too much to take!!!!!!" Jay Glazer: I would hope that he would go in as a Packer, and I think he will. I think that time heals all wounds. I know this has been an awful experience for Packer fans. But I truly hope that time will heal the wounds because Brett Favre will always be a Packer. And we all know that. I'm hoping for the sake of everyone involved — the Green Bay fans, the organization and Brett — that he makes the right call.

Griping at the Pack

QUESTION — DeLeMa: "I read your comments regarding McCarthy's abilities as a coach and you hit it right as regards to his prowess in developing QBs into great ones. I don't think this means he can coach the offense or keep Thompson from picking idiots for offensive players." QUESTION — Wm from Fond Du lac, Wisc.: "If the Packers lose to the Vikings, is it time we get rid of Ted Thompson?" Jay Glazer: No, no, no ... Absolutely not, as far as getting rid of Thompson. It was only two years ago that they were one Brett Favre pass away from the Super Bowl. Then last year, they just got crushed by injuries. As far as this year, it obviously remains to be seen. They have had problems with their offensive line and they've been banged up a bit also. But I know it's en vogue to take shots at Ted Thompson, especially with how the whole Favre saga worked out. But no way should they/would they fire Thompson. Ted's a very good talent evaluator. Remember, he's the same guy who brought in CB Charles Woodson via free agency, drafted Greg Jennings, found Ryan Grant the year they needed a RB badly, drafted Aaron Rodgers and hired head coach Mike McCarthy. I would say that how Ted does things is the exact opposite of the Redskins' way. He builds mostly from within through the draft, and doesn't play fantasy football. QUESTION — I-lash: "Will the Packers make the playoffs?" Jay Glazer: We'll see. But it will be pretty damn hard if they lose this week to Minnesota.

Will he play forever?

QUESTION — Mary McLisle from Lexington, Ky.: "How many more seasons does Brett have in him?" Jay Glazer: If he was playing on any other team, I'd have told him to get out two years ago. But on this Vikings team with their defense, the best back in the league in Adrian Peterson and Minnesota's fast wide receivers ... as long as Favre worked out in the offseason, I'd go another two to be honest wth you. The big thing that guys get problems with when they get older in the league is they find out that it's not the Sundays that are tough. Instead, it's the other days of the week that drives them away. It's the sitting in meeting after meeting after meeting, like one long version of the movie "Groundhog Day." That's what drives them away. It's that whole monotony of the repetition. If playing in the NFL was solely about Sundays, there would be a ton of guys who would still be playing — like Michael Strahan, Jerome Bettis, John Lynch (now a FOX analyst), Dan Marino — and the list would go on and on. I've talked to a bunch of guys who retired (Marcus Allen is another example), and that's what did it for them. And to be clear, it's not just the meetings. It's also the practicing, the hitting and just the daily grind of Mondays-Saturdays. Sundays are the best part, the fun part. But it's the six other days in the week that outweigh that.

Enough brain power in Minnesota

QUESTION — Kevin VanMeter from Aberdeen, S.D: "I hear comments about a possible extension for Brad Childress. This guy is no head coach. He makes terrible calls and mistakes all the time, yet he gets credit for the winning. I could go 6-1 with this team. What do you think?"
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Jay Glazer: Here's what everyone fails to remember with Brad Childress: It's not just the coaching in Minnesota. He's completely changed the culture that had been there from previous Love Boat era. You look at the way he's revamped that roster by getting stud guard Steve Hutchinson, trading for Jared Allen on defense, drafting Adrian Peterson, getting Favre out of retirement, making the deal for WR Bernard Berrian and so on. That's some serious talent. But Childress has changed the environment to the point where now the Vikings can bring in guys who may have question marks on their resumes, like rookie Percy Harvin, where in the recent past they couldn't touch him. The locker room is so good now, they can take a chance and bring a guy in like that and he'll be automatically be policed.

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