Football chat recap: Start Marion Barber?

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Roger Rotter

Roger Rotter has been covering fantasy sports for the past decade and a half, serving as a lead fantasy editor and lead fantasy writer for several global media organizations (AOL, ESPN and FOX). He’s also worked as a sports producer for worldwide games developer and publisher (THQ Wireless). His work has appeared under the national media platforms of online, print, TV and wireless.

Roger Rotter Fantasy Football Chat(09/24/2009) 
2:59 FOX Fantasy:  Hi all! Roger Rotter will be here shortly to answer your fantasy football questions.
3:01 FOX Fantasy:  Here's the first question from "0-2 and need a win": Better QB start this week? Brady or T Edwards?
3:03 Roger Rotter:  I'd start Tom Brady. He's still a weekly start until he doesn't throw for 300 yards and multiple scores.
3:04 Roger Rotter:  Trent Edwards is a nice sleeper in what should be a shootout with Drew Brees and the Saints.
3:05 FOX Fantasy:  A readers asks: What's up with Zach Miller getting no love last week? Does he bounce back this week?
3:05 Roger Rotter:  Do you mean the Zach Miller for Jacksonville?! :)
3:05 Roger Rotter:  He was inactive but Zach Miller of Oakland might as well been, as you pointed out.
3:06 Roger Rotter:  I'd look for Miller to be more involved at home against Denver. It's too early in the season to give up on players who are normally featuredin the passing offense.
3:07 FOX Fantasy:  Andrew from Atlanta asks: What's Forsett's value going forward behind an old Edge, and a bench-prone J.Jones?
3:09 Roger Rotter:  He should be claimed as a backup for your bench. Julius had an excellent 100-yard and-a-touchdown day in the opener against St. Louis. As long as Matt Hasselbeck is on the field, the running back spot will be relatively productive.
3:09 Roger Rotter:  As we know, Hasselbeck is injured, though, but he should be able to return quickly if he's considering returning in Week 3.
3:10 Roger Rotter:  Jones is still the featured back until he gets injured or ineffective, which has happened frequently.
3:11 Roger Rotter:  So Forsett has a solid chance to be the featured back with James likely still playing a secondary role, in my opinion. He just has the big-play ability that James currently lacks.
3:12 FOX Fantasy:  GH asks: I'm in a 10 team league (so 9 other defenses are taken). How long should I hang onto the Patriots defense. Are there any defensive sleepers you recommend?
3:14 Roger Rotter:  Feel free to drop them as they don't appear to be a dominating one this season with all their losses. I'd play the matchups every week, such as Washington (at Detroit) and Tennessee (at New York Jets). Both are facing rookie QBs.
3:15 Roger Rotter:  But if you are looking at a defense like Denver and Buffalo that are only available on the waiver wire to keep permanently, they won't be much better than New England.
3:15 FOX Fantasy:  Nate asks: McCoy, Harvin or Welker at flex this week?
3:17 Roger Rotter:  I'd monitor the injury situation until game-time. Both NE and Philadelphia play the first kickoff time. So you'll find out if Brian Westbrook and Wes Welker will play.
3:17 Roger Rotter:  First choice is LeSean McCoy, who could be the featured back if Westbrook is inactive.
3:18 Roger Rotter:  Second choice is Welker, but he is uncertain to play with a leg injury after missing Week 2.
3:19 Roger Rotter:  You can always claim Julius Edelman if Welker is declared inactive. He should have another solid game replacing Welker.
3:19 Roger Rotter:  Harvin still isn't receiving enough touches to be a better play than either of those two.
3:20 FOX Fantasy:  Steve asks: Hey Roger, with a tough matchup against Vikings and a sore ankle, would it make sense to bench Frank Gore in favor of Wilis McGahee or Ray Rice against the Browns?
3:20 Roger Rotter:  Gore may not get much yardage through the ground, but he could be very effective in the receiving game and still score on a couple of 1-yard plunges.
3:22 Roger Rotter:  If you need a second back, Ray Rice is a solid sleeper against Cleveland's poorly ranked run defense. McGahee is right behind him to play as a second or third back.
3:22 FOX Fantasy:  A reader asks: Do I take a chance on Marion the Barbarian or start Tim Hightower?
3:23 Roger Rotter:  I'd wait until before the Sunday night game between Arizona and Indianapolis to see if Barber will start and play extensively.
3:24 Roger Rotter:  If it's not a sure thing, then I'd start Tim Hightower to prevent receivng a big zero in the box score for a Monday night. That would be unkind to the stomach if you needed just two points to win!
3:25 Roger Rotter:  He's an excellent sleeper against Indy's poorly ranked run defense that allowed big yardage to Miami last game. They are also battling injuries on the defense and may be without Bob Sanders again.
Start Marion Barber against Carolina?
 ( 31% )
 ( 69% )

3:26 FOX Fantasy:  

A reader asks: Hey should I give up on Lee Evans and Royal and pick up Laurent Robinson and Sims-Walker?

3:28 Roger Rotter:  Though he caught just one pass, Lee Evans scored on a 32-yard TD and is a solid start against New Orleans. Wait on Eddie Royal for a couple more weeks, then look to drop him if he continues to falter.
3:29 Roger Rotter:  Sims-Walker and Robinson could be nice surprises, so look to drop a backup TE or D/ST to claim one of them.
3:31 FOX Fantasy:  Danno asks: What kind of impact will Pierre Thomas in his first full game back from injury with Bell unlikely to play. Is he worth the start against Buffalo?
3:32 Roger Rotter:  I'd be leery of starting Thomas as a first or second back until he's shown that he's recovered enough to be productive. He received too few touches last week to indicate that he's well enough.
3:32 Roger Rotter:  As a third back, he's worth the chance.
3:33 Roger Rotter:  Or if you have little depth behind your top runner.
3:34 [Comment From Debunking the Rule ]
Yeah, yeah can't bench your studs......but what if your stud is killing you? I know Portis plays the Lions ... but do I start Sproles over him? Assume LT not playing.
3:35 Roger Rotter:  I'd still start Portis against Detroit. It has allowed big rushing games to Mike Bell in the opener and Adrian Peterson last game.
3:36 Roger Rotter:  Sproles is a nice sleeper as a Nos. 2 or 3 back if Tomlinson misses the game.
3:37 Roger Rotter:  Just hope the playcalling doesn't call for a lot of fourth-down draws up the middle!
3:38 FOX Fantasy:  Scott asks: Would you plan on starting Felix Jones as one of 2 RB Monday night not knowing if Barber will play, if you had S. Jackson, R. Rice, L Johnson?
3:39 Roger Rotter:  Steven Jackson remains a weekly start, and I'd start Ray Rice against Cleveland ahead of Felix Jones.
3:40 Roger Rotter:  Felix Jones is a nice sleeper against Carolina, and he could be the most productive Dallas back on Monday night. I'd consider him at the flex spot.
3:41 FOX Fantasy:  A reader asks: Roger, how do you see the Indy running back situation playing out? Do you think Brown will overtake Addai for the starting RB spot?
3:43 Roger Rotter:  Yes, most definitely. I've been advocating that he has an excellent chance to overtake Addai with his better power running, evident by his TD run against Miami when he broke several tackles. Check out the FOX Sports Fantasy Draft Magazine!
3:45 FOX Fantasy:  

David asks: A fellow in my league dropped W Parker and I picked him up. Should I hold onto him or is he really just dead weight?

3:46 Roger Rotter:  Nice move! He faces San Diego (which lost its run-stuffer for the season) in Week 4, Detroit in Week 5 and Cleveland in Week 6. All are shaky run defenses, so he's a must start for those games.
3:49 FOX Fantasy:  Mac asks: Can you pick 3 for me? Nate Burleson, Patrick Crayton, Brandon Marshall, Chris Henry, Isaac Bruce. I'm 0-2 and need some help.
3:51 Roger Rotter:  Start Crayton, Burleson and Marshall.
3:51 Roger Rotter:  They offer the best combination of talent, role in offense and opponent.
3:52 FOX Fantasy:  Roger will take a couple of more questions. He'll also be answering all your lineup questions from 11-1 p.m. ET on Sunday.
3:54 Roger Rotter:  Rich asks: Who should I start as a flex? Hightower, B. Edwards or Cotchery, I'm thinking H ightower what do you think? Thanks.
3:55 Roger Rotter:  Agreed. Hightower is your best choice as he's the most assured of receiving a good number of touches as Arizona's featured running back.
3:56 FOX Fantasy:  Matt asks: Roger, would you drop Lance Moore to pick up Knox? I am hoping Moore can come back and be productive but right now it is looking like there are too many other options for Brees. Thanks! You are the man.
3:59 Roger Rotter:  I may have messed up on having Lance Moore too high in my draft rankings. I apologize for that. Yes, I'd drop Lance Moore for Johnny Knox (crazy as it sounds). However, make sure you drop a fifth RB like Shonn Greene or even a fifth WR like Nate Washington, Greg Camarillo or Josh Morgan before you decide to let go of Lance Moore. He could rebound if injuries occur at WR.
3:59 Roger Rotter:  Thanks for all your questions. See you Sunday!


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