Football chat recap: Draft Donald Brown?

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Roger Rotter

Roger Rotter has been covering fantasy sports for the past decade and a half, serving as a lead fantasy editor and lead fantasy writer for several global media organizations (AOL, ESPN and FOX). He’s also worked as a sports producer for worldwide games developer and publisher (THQ Wireless). His work has appeared under the national media platforms of online, print, TV and wireless.

Roger Rotter Fantasy Football Chat(08/13/2009) 
2:56 FOX Fantasy:  

Hi! Thanks for joining today's chat with Roger Rotter. He'll be here shortly to answer your fantasy football questions.

3:00 FOX Fantasy:  Wade from Green Bay asks: I can protect one player going into the draft. I have Steve Slaton, Drew Brees or Andre Johnson.
3:01 Roger Rotter:  I have Slaton ranked in my first class of running backs and consider him a first-rounder before Drew Brees and Andre Johnson. I'd protect him first.
3:01 Roger Rotter:  You may be able to draft Brees with your first pick, anyways.
3:02 Roger Rotter:  Check out my tier rankings for Running backs.
3:03 FOX Fantasy:  Gary asks: Roger, with the 7th pick in a 8 team league, should I go best available RB, top WR, or top QB in the first round? I will have 2nd pick in 2nd round.
3:04 Roger Rotter:  Definitely take a RB with your first pick. Only in leagues that skew heavily towards quarterbacks and negates running backs should a QB be considered.
3:05 Roger Rotter:  Check out my RB preview for a few tips on drafting and finding bargains.
3:06 FOX Fantasy:  Robert from Dayton,Ohio, asks: How can you possibly rank a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, coming off of a Super Bowl winning year, as 10th? Do you actually watch football; or, do you get your information from the Patriots or Chargers?
3:08 Roger Rotter:  I see you are a big fan of Ben Roethlisberger. Super Bowl wins don't necessarily translate to great fantasy quarterbacks. See Tom Brady with his first couple of Super Bowl victories. He was a backup fantasy quarterback at best.
3:09 Roger Rotter:  Roethlisberger hasn't posted stats worthy of a top-five fantasy quarterback. He still may be a low-end starter, but until he consistently compiles 300-yard and 2-3 TD passing days, he remains a better NFL quarterback than a fantasy one.
Should Ben Roethlisberger be ranked higher than 10th in fantasy QB rankings?
 ( 20% )
 ( 80% )

3:13 FOX Fantasy:  Chuck from Lansing, Michigan, asks: C'mon, you can't bank on an injury [for Kevin Smith]. If you're not banking on one, you're ranking him waay too low.
3:14 Roger Rotter:  Yes, I have Kevin Smith ranked No. 36 in my RB rankings.
3:15 Roger Rotter:  I ranked him only as a third fantasy running back for a couple of reasons. One, Detroit went 0-16 and the jury is still out on whether they can run effectively when the games actually mean something (assuming they are still competitive by halftime).
3:18 Roger Rotter:  Second, I think Maurice Morris will give him some competition for carries. Overall, there are other running backs who play for more talented squads and have proven to be durable.
3:19 FOX Fantasy:  Brandon from Minnesota asks: Your crazy when you put [Marques] Colston at your 18th best WR. He is top 10 or better by far!
3:20 Roger Rotter:  He's battled injuries in his first three seasons and made only six starts last season. When healthy, he is a top 10 wide receiver, but injury questions drop him lower because of that.
3:21 Roger Rotter:  See my WR rankings.
Is Marques Colston a top-10 fantasy WR in drafts this season?
 ( 60% )
 ( 40% )

3:23 FOX Fantasy:  

Kevin asks: This year our league decided to allow us to keep one player from last year. I am in the enviable position of having to chose between Turner and Forte. I will not know my draft position until after every picks their keeper. Assuming I won' t be high enough to draft the other, who would you keep?

3:24 Roger Rotter:  Keep Turner. I have him higher than Forte as he's more experienced and had a great season last year. Even though he may receive fewer carries, he'll still be Atlanta's featured back and have many scoring chances. I have Forte ranked third just behind Turner and Peterson (first).
3:25 FOX Fantasy:  Jay asks: Could it be that Westbrook's surgeries have taken care of his linguring injury problems from last year and he will have a great season, or am I dreaming?
3:26 Roger Rotter:  I do think Brian Westbrook will still have a great season, even though I dropped him from sixth to 10th. That's still first-round material.
3:27 Roger Rotter:  He's just so explosive when healthy, and Philadelphia makes Brian Westbrook the centerpiece of their offense. Few defenses are able to stop him running and receiving from the backfield, even though they know he will receive the football.
3:27 Roger Rotter:  He's also one of the few backs who can consistently total 100 yards and score 2-3 touchdowns in a week, almost single-handedly winning your head-to-head matchup.
3:28 Roger Rotter:  He may start the season slow, but he should be in full form by first quarter of the season. However, be sure to take rookie LeSean McCoy as your backup, even if you have to draft him as your third fantasy running back in Round 6.
3:29 FOX Fantasy:  Alex asks: I have a late round pick in the 1st round in a snake draft and coming back around in the 2nd round I have a high pick. Since I'm not 100% in love with the RBs that I would be drafting at that spot, does it make sense to draft Elite WRs in Rounds 1 and 2. I have a keeper RB already who is in the top 3 in all mock drafts.
3:30 Roger Rotter:  In this case, yes. You already have a stud RB, so drafting two top WRs is a good plan. Be sure to also take a top quarterback in the first few rounds to ensure consistency at that position.
3:32 FOX Fantasy:  Brandon asks: What's your take on tight end John Carlson from the Seahawks. He had a solid season last year, and with T.J. there and Hasselbeck back healthy, can we expect greater things for him?
3:32 Roger Rotter:  He's ranked No. 10 in my TE rankings. I don't think he'll have a better season than last year when he was the featured receiver on a Seahawks team decimated by wide receiver injuries.
3:33 Roger Rotter:  Still, Matt Hasselbeck throws to the tight end frequently (at least in the past), so look for him to still involve Carlson in the passing attack. I would wait until the late rounds to draft him as well, and draft the other starting positions of QB, RB and WRs first before selecting him.
3:34 FOX Fantasy:  A reader asks: Hi Roger, what are your thought son Frank Gore and Clinton Portis as my keeper RB's. Is Clinton still a viable RB1 option?
3:35 Roger Rotter:  Yes, I have Clinton Portis ranked No. 6, higher than some probably.
3:36 Roger Rotter:  That's because he's proven to be durable, has been highly productive and remains the centerpiece of Washington's offense. He also receives the goal-line carries.
3:37 FOX Fantasy:  Michael asks: Do you think Knowshon Moreno could be this year's Matt Forte?
3:39 Roger Rotter:  Yes, definitely. He's a great pick as a No. 3 fantasy back and still solid as a second runner. The only question with him is if Josh McDaniel will use a committee of running backs like he did in New England, such as taking away valuable goal-line scores. If he plays full-time, then he will have the chances to produce like a top 10 back.
3:40 [Comment From Kevin Lock ]
[Regarding taking Turner over Forte]Thanks for the answer! It was where I was leaning but with Forte able to catch too, I was not sure.
3:41 FOX Fantasy:  

Jake asks: Everyone says, "take McCoy if you draft Westbrook." My thinking is, wouldn't it be just as good to have Joseph Addai, Felix Jones, Derrick Ward or guys like that on your bench that have potential, or do you envision McCoy being a fantasy star if Westbrook goes down?

3:43 Roger Rotter:  I'd definitely try to draft projected starters first, but you don't want to waste a high draft pick if Westbrook becomes injured. So it's imperative to insure that pick with McCoy. And yes, I believe he'll be a star if Westbrook becomes injured again.
3:45 FOX Fantasy:  From "Brian Westbrook" himself, he asks: How many games do you think I'll play this year?
3:46 Roger Rotter:  I think he'll still play 14-15 games like recently, but that's not a guarantee!
3:47 FOX Fantasy:  Josh asks: What are your thoughts on LT this season? Do I take him with the 7th pick and handcuff him with Darren Sproles in a later round or do I go Fitz and the next best WR with my first 2 picks?
3:49 Roger Rotter:  Definitely take him in the first round. He set the NFL record for TDs just a few years ago, and is still one of the few fantasy players who can be the very best overall.
3:50 FOX Fantasy:  George from Florida asks: In which round do you realistically think RB Donald Brown should be drafted in?
3:54 Roger Rotter:  I have him ranked No. 27. I'd first draft a top RB, two stud WRs and top QB. I'd next draft at who's best available at RB or WR. If my first 26 runners were gone, I'd draft him as my No. 2 runner as early as Round 5 or 6, and would be sure to have a top 30 WR as well for a third starter.
3:55 FOX Fantasy:  Jason asks: Do you think Joseph Addai is a decent sleeper if you can get him in the 5th round or later?
3:58 Roger Rotter:  I don't think Addai can be considered a sleeper when he's already been a top 10 fantasy back. That's almost like saying LT is a sleeper. Additionally, he's projected to be the starter for Indy, and offers good value in the fifth round.
4:01 Roger Rotter:  However, I think Brown will be the eventual featured back, considering Addai's injuries and ineffectiveness this past season. Indy ranked last in rushing average (3.1). I'd be willing to bypass Addai for one stud RB, one stud QB and three starting WRs and then draft Brown after that. If Addai slips to the mid-rounds, then he offers good value. I just don't think he's a first-round material and a top-10 back like previous years.
4:02 FOX Fantasy:  Johnny asks: In past year's, Chester Taylor was a must get player if you had Peterson, much like McCoy is this year. Do you still recommend spending a pick on Taylor if I have Peterson, or should I draft guys with better upside if Peterson stays healthy?
4:04 Roger Rotter:  If a running back and fantasy starter like Marion Barber is still available in the mid-rounds, then take him, of course! Still, it's likely that featured backs will be gone by the mid-rounds. If it's between Fred Taylor and Chester Taylor, I'd take Chester to insure the Peterson pick.
4:06 FOX Fantasy:  Boone asks: Can Adrian Peterson reach the 2,000-yard plateau and is he the only player that has a chance?
4:10 Roger Rotter:  Yes, he has the talent and offensive line to average 100 total yards per game, coupled with several 200-yard games. Other running backs who can total 2,000 yards include Tomlinson, Westbrook and Steven Jackson.
4:11 Roger Rotter:  Others like Forte and Jones-Drew have the skills and talent to accomplish that, but they need to stay durable and receive the necessary touches to accomplish that.
4:12 FOX Fantasy:  Thanks for all your questions! Join us next Tuesday to chat with John Juhasz about fantay football and John Halpin on Wednesday about fantasy baseball. Both chats start at 3 p.m. ET. Thanks again!


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