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Roger Rotter

Roger Rotter has been covering fantasy sports for the past decade and a half, serving as a lead fantasy editor and lead fantasy writer for several global media organizations (AOL, ESPN and FOX). He’s also worked as a sports producer for worldwide games developer and publisher (THQ Wireless). His work has appeared under the national media platforms of online, print, TV and wireless.

Roger Rotter Fantasy Football chat(10/06/2009) 
3:19 FOX Fantasy:  Hi all! Roger Rotter is here to answer your fantasy football questions. Ask away!
3:20 FOX Fantasy:  Kap asks: Is K. Britt WR worth picking up? Also, what do you think of Berrian, Lance Moore, Roddy White, and Wade this week?
3:22 Roger Rotter:  Kenny Britt is a solid pickup. He's one of my Top 10 claims to make this week.
3:23 Roger Rotter:  They are facing Indy's No. 1 passing offense next. Tennesse ranks as the worst pass defense, and has allowed the second-most passing scores (10).
3:23 Roger Rotter:  As a result, I think Indy will be able to score a lot of points against the Titans, and that will force Kerry Collins to air it out frequently.
3:24 Roger Rotter:  They haven't been running as much with their poor defensive play. Collins threw 48 times against Jacksonville last game, and Britt caught seven of those passes for 105 yards.
3:25 Roger Rotter:  The Saints are off in Week 5, so Moore won't be playing.
3:26 Roger Rotter:  Bernard Berrian should have an excellent day against St. Louis' erratic defense.
3:26 Roger Rotter:  Roddy White has a tough matchup at San Francisco, but I consider him a weekly start until he proves otherwise.
3:27 Roger Rotter:  Bobby Wade isn't involved in Kansas City's offense enough to warrant starting him.
3:27 FOX Fantasy:  Steve asks: Wondering if I should think about trading Westbrook or should I stick it out?
3:27 Roger Rotter:  Trade Westbrook if you can.
3:28 Roger Rotter:  He's going to share carries with LeSean McCoy now. He's still struggling with his ankle injury. He can still serve as a No. 3 back in Philly's productive offense, but his value sinks dramatically from a first-rounder.
3:29 FOX Fantasy:  Doug ask: I know it was his first game back but is is Lynch going to produce?
3:31 Roger Rotter:  Yes, he'll be a strong fantasy start against Cleveland's second-worst run defense that has also yielded the most rushing scores (8). Keep him and start him.
3:31 Roger Rotter:  He looks like he'll be a factor in the passing attack as well.
3:32 FOX Fantasy:  Gary Coleman asks: Do you think T. Jones and D. Henderson for C. Benson is a good trade if I'm the one getting Benson?
3:33 Roger Rotter:  What are you talking about?!
3:33 Roger Rotter:  Keep Thomas Jones and Devery Henderson. I'd say Jones is worth more than Cedric Benson alone.
3:33 Roger Rotter:  I'd try to avoid making a trade for the sake of making a trade.
3:34 FOX Fantasy:  A-Doug asks: What is Mendenhall´s long term outlook? Is he becoming the #1 RB in Pittsburgh?
3:35 Roger Rotter:  He'll continue to be Pittsburgh's featured back until Willie Parker returns from his turf toe. After that, I'd expect them to both share carries.
3:35 Roger Rotter:  In my opinion, Mendenhall would serve as a better goal-line back than the lighter Parker.
3:36 Roger Rotter:  So I see Mendenhall as the better fantasy back for the rest of the season.
3:37 Roger Rotter:  He also adds more inside power, and it may be no coincidence that Pittsburgh had one of its best rushing results in the last couple of years with Mendenhall being the featured back.
3:38 Roger Rotter:  Additionally, looks like his fumbling issues could be a thing of the past as he's worked hard on that, giving the coaching staff more confident in using him regularly.
3:40 FOX Fantasy:  John asks: I am in need of a WR. All 3 of mine are on bye this week. Is Massaquoi from the Browns worth a pickup? What other WR would you suggest?
3:40 Roger Rotter:  Yes. I'd claim rookie wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi.
3:41 Roger Rotter:  He looks like he'll be replacing Braylon Edwards as Cleveland's big-play receiver that they've desperately needed the last two contests.
3:42 Roger Rotter:  He caught a Week 4 high of 148 yards from eight receptions, and nearly scored on a 29-yard reception.
3:42 Roger Rotter:  In light of Edwards' off-the-field difficulties, this helps Massaquoi even more.
3:43 Roger Rotter:  He can make it two straight games with at least 100 receiving yards when Cleveland meets Buffalo's ailing secondary next.
3:43 FOX Fantasy:  Mike asks: Should I drop Bengals D/ST and pick up RB Jerome Harrison? Denver is my other D/ST.
3:45 Roger Rotter:  Yes, I'd see if I could claim Jerome Harrison any way possible, and dropping Cincy's D/ST is a good way to do that. Harrison is No. 1 in my top 10 claims this week.
3:47 Roger Rotter:  To further answer John's question about other free-agent receivers, rookie Austin Collie is a solid pickup. He serves more of a possession receiver than fellow wideout Pierre Garcon.
3:48 Roger Rotter:  Jeremy Maclin could surprise with Kevin Curtis expected to still be out for a couple games with a knee injury.
3:48 FOX Fantasy:  A reader asks: What are your thoughts on j.harrison for this week?
3:50 Roger Rotter:  If Jerome Harrison is the featured back again, he'll be worth starting against Buffalo's shaky defense (it allowed 115 yards and two scores to Ronnie Brown, and 85 yards and a score to Ricky Willliams last game).
3:50 Roger Rotter:  In my opinion, I still think Harrison will receive many carries even if Jamal Lewis returns. Lewis hasn't run well for the past couple of years.
3:51 Roger Rotter:  Harrison just needs to stay healthy, though.
3:52 FOX Fantasy:  ML asks: Starting TE Zach Miller. Backup TE Bo Scaife. Who do I start this week in a PP league? Should I pick up Finley, and will he be starting material following the bye week and beyond?
3:53 Roger Rotter:  First, I'd drop both. Zach Miller's scoring chances will be limited, and Tennessee is struggling.
3:54 Roger Rotter:  Instead, pick up Jermichael Finley (as you mentioned). It doesn't matter if he starts or not. What counts is if he'll be thrown to frequently, and it appears he will.
3:55 Roger Rotter:  He was the talk of the preseason for Green Bay, and lit up Minnesota for 128 yards and one score, which was a 62-yard catch and run.
3:55 Roger Rotter:  For this week, I'd pick up Heath Miller if he's available.
3:55 Roger Rotter:  He posted a great game against San Diego, scoring his first two touchdowns.
3:56 Roger Rotter:  Significantly, though, Pittsburgh meets Detroit next, and the Lions have allowed the most passing scores with 12.
3:57 Roger Rotter:  Five of those have been caught by tight ends: Jeremy Shockey (2), Visanthe Shiancoe, Greg Olsen and Kellen Davis.
3:58 FOX Fantasy:  Mike asks: How do you feel about Donald Brown against the Titans?
3:59 Roger Rotter:  He'll be a solid start as a second or third RB, and will have scoring chances as he's had for the past couple of games.
4:00 FOX Fantasy:  

Mike asks: Should I bench S-Jax against the Vikings?

4:01 Roger Rotter:  No. Minnesota's once fearsome rush defense appears to be on the decline.
4:02 Roger Rotter:  Running backs used to have no room to run and rarely seemed to make it past the line of scrimmage. Now the point of first contact seems to happen more frequently at the linebacker spot.
4:03 Roger Rotter:  Case in point: Ryan Grant had ample running room last game. He averaged 4.6 yards per carry, but only received 11 handoffs.
4:03 Roger Rotter:  Just as important, Minnesota gave up a lot of receiving yards to Grant. He caught four passes for 50 yards.
4:04 Roger Rotter:  I'd still start Steven Jackson with the expectation that he'll at least be productive via receiving.
4:05 FOX Fantasy:  Darryl asks: Should I trade Braylon Edwards?
4:05 Roger Rotter:  Yes. I'd be surprised if you can receive any quality players for him, but it's worth a chance.
4:06 FOX Fantasy:  Fred asks: Should I start T. Jones, M. Bush or M. Moore as a 3rd back this week?
4:07 Roger Rotter:  Thomas Jones is the best option as he's assured of receiving many touches against Miami as the Jets' featured back.
4:08 Roger Rotter:  Though Darren McFadden is out 2-4 weeks with a knee injury, Michael Bush will have a difficult time on the road against the Giants.
4:09 Roger Rotter:  Mewelde Moore is an intriguing option since Pittsburgh plays Detroit. But I'd play him as a deeper sleeper, especially if Willie Parker misses a second straight contest.
4:10 FOX Fantasy:  Jim asks: I have great WRs and am in need of a runningback. Which ones would be good to target?
4:13 Roger Rotter:  It's easier to trade for ones whose values aren't that high. If you can swing it, I'd see if I could trade a mediocre player (such as WR) for Marshawn Lynch, LeSean McCoy, Knowshon Moreno, Donald Brown and Ryan Grant.
4:13 Roger Rotter:  I think those players can be had cheaply and are on the upswing.
4:18 Roger Rotter:  I'd also look at Rashard Mendenhall, Thomas Jones and Steve Slaton.
4:18 Roger Rotter:  As for stud running backs who will come at a steep price, I'd look at Maurice Jones-Drew (easy schedule), Matt Forte, Adrian Peterson, Brandon Jacobs and Ronnie Brown.
4:21 FOX Fantasy:  A reader asks: Would you draft Crabtree in a deep league?
4:25 Roger Rotter:  I think he's worth claiming for those who need a receiver. Doesn't make sense how he could make up the money this year by forgoing this year and entering next year's draft again (without any guarantees from teams and that would be tampering). Plus, those teams would need to have poor records to have a high first-round pick (unless there was a trade).
4:25 FOX Fantasy:  

Marcus asks: Who are you WR & RB sleepers this week?

4:29 Roger Rotter:  At running back, Jerome Harrison, Marshawn Lynch, Jonathan Stewart, Rashard Mendhenall, Tashard Choice, Ahmad Bradshaw, LeSean McCoy, Glen Coffee, Tim Hightower, Chris Wells, Knowshown Moreno and Donald Brown are some sleepers for Week 5.
4:31 Roger Rotter:  At wide receiver, Mohamed Massaquoi, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, Kenny Britt, Patrick Crayton, Hakeem Nicks, Jeremy Maclin, Sidney Rice, Kevin Walter, Steve Breaston and Mike Sims-Walker are a some sleepers for Week 5.
4:31 Roger Rotter:  Thanks for all your questions! Much appreciated!
4:32 Roger Rotter:  Hopefully, I'll see you again this Sunday from 11-1 p.m. ET for pregame questions on whom to start.
4:33 FOX Fantasy:  John Juhasz chats on Thursday at 3 p.m. ET. Thanks for your questions!


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