Fantasy chat recap: Helping with lineups

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John Juhasz

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John Juhasz Fantasy Football chat(10/08/2009) 
3:00 FOX Fantasy:  Hey gang, it's Johnny Juhasz time in the chat room!

I, for one, can't wait to hear what he has up his sleeve today, as he and his Browns are obviously both happy to be rid of Braylon Edwards, right J.J.?!
3:00 FOX Fantasy:  Let's get those questions in here so we can hit the ground running!
3:01 John Juhasz:  Not quite as thrilled as some of you may think, but let's get it on. Who's first?
3:02 FOX Fantasy:  Henry's going to start things off for us today. Everybody......welcome Henry!!
3:03 FOX Fantasy:  Henry asks...........Who gets the start at the Flex spot this week - Dwayne Bowe (vs. DAL), Tashard Choice (@ KC), Ahmad Bradshaw (vs. OAK) or Kevin Smith (vs. PIT)?
3:05 John Juhasz:  Hey, Henry. Good question, but I think you have to go with Bradshaw, almost by default. Look at the defense he'll be facing. Eli may not play, and although the Giants could probably win this game if they pulled a random fan out of the stands and started him at QB, I think they will commit to running the ball more than usual this weekend. No need to air it out to beat the Raiders.
3:07 FOX Fantasy:  Jason also has a RB question........With Frank Gore still injured, which two RBs do you start between Steven Jackson (vs. MIN), Tim Hightower (vs. HOU) and Ray Rice (vs. CIN)?
3:08 John Juhasz:  Ray Rice is a layup. The Bengals run defense is a mess since they almost single-handedly resurrected Willie Parker's fantasy value two weeks ago, then let Jerome Harrison run wild last week when he had never really done that in his career. Rice is one, and for your second...
3:09 John Juhasz:  I know it's tough to start anyone against the Vikings run defense, but I think Jackson is the better option. He is literally all the offense the Rams have, and while he isn't scoring, he is getting close to 100 yards per game. I also suspect the Vikings may slip up in this spot after starting a comfortable 4-0. I think this is the week Jackson shocks the fantasy world by topping 100 yards and scoring. Go with S-Jax.
3:09 FOX Fantasy:  Darrin's the next man on the board........Should I be dropping Reggie Bush for either Beanie Wells or Jonathan Stewart? He hasn't been very productive, and this isn't a PPR league?
Should you be dropping Reggie Bush yet?
 ( 55% )
 ( 45% )

3:11 John Juhasz:  What's up, D? Don't drop anyone for Beanie Wells. I refuse to put any stock in a guy who has never had even one decent fantasy outing in his career. Until he shows me he's capable of doing it, I'm not sold. I'm not so sure about Stewart right now since he struggled with so many preseason injuries and, as my colleague Gerrit Ritt can tell you, the Panthers have all but abandoned their commitment to running the bal (which is probably one factor in their 0-3 start). Hang on to Reggie for now. As of this moment, he's the best of the three backs you listed.
3:12 FOX Fantasy:  Mike has a question I wish somebody could answer.......With Fred Taylor missing from the New England backfield, who gets the majority of the carries between Sammy Morris and Laurence Maroney?
3:15 John Juhasz:  

I can't say, and anyone not on the New England coaching staff who claims they can is full of "it." Remember, Belichick isn't above using as many as four running backs in one game. He has become some kind of bizarre Mike Shanahan clone, and any Denver RB owner over the last few years knows what I'm talking about.

Then again, are you sure you really want to be starting either of those guys against the Broncos? Denver's defensive turnaround from last year is one of the biggest stories that hasn't gotten nearly enough attention as far as I'm concerned. They went from a complete disaster to suddenly elite. I wouldn't want to start either NE RB against them this week.

3:17 FOX Fantasy:  Daniel, take your shot my man..........I have Drew Brees on a bye, so I have to choose between Matt Cassel or Trent Edwards. Thoughts?
3:20 John Juhasz:  This one is a bit of a tossup, but surprisingly, I might give something like a 50.1-49.9 edge to Cassel here. He's not throwing for a ton of yards, but he is still managing to throw touchdown passes with interesting regularity. So in a standard scoring format, I think Cassel may actually have the better week.

I have no idea what in the world happened to the Buffalo offense last week, but they'll be going against a suddenly inspired defense which held Carson Palmer without a first down for almost three quarters of the game. I also think the Bills will try to get Marshawn Lynch a little more involved as well. Go with Cassel.
3:21 FOX Fantasy:  Mike is piggybacking off an earlier question - How dare you, Mike!?!.........Regarding Henry's question about Ahmad Bradshaw, I'm starting Roddy White (@SF) and Steve Slaton (@ARI) right now, but thinking of replacing them with Bradshaw and Pierre Garcon (@TEN). Tell me why I should or shouldn't. Thanks!!
3:23 John Juhasz:  Of that combo, I'd probably go with White and Slaton. White (and the entire Atlanta passing attack) looked dismal in New England, partially because they didn't have enough drives to work with - the Atlanta defense was on the field for pretty much the entire second half. San Francisco doesn't have a similar offense, so you have to stick with Roddy. As far as Slaton...
3:25 John Juhasz:  You probably spent a first-round pick on him if you own him, so you can't already be thinking about abandoning him, especially since he seems to finally get going a bit against the Raiders last week. Yes, I think Bradshaw is going to be a great fantasy play against the Raiders here, but Slaton is your top guy, and Arizona's defense hasn't exactly been stellar this year. Stick with him.
3:26 FOX Fantasy:  Willie has a thought-provoking question, or so it seems..........Hey John, should I go with a more proven receiver right now, or continue to wait for Antonio Bryant and Michael Crabtree to start producing? Is Crabtree ever worth having?
Is Michael Crabtree worth owning this season?
 ( 32% )
 ( 68% )

3:28 John Juhasz:  

Hey, Willie. I actually own both guys. Crabtree should absolutely be owned in all leagues, and here's a shameless plug for an article I wrote that will break it down in much more detail than I can do here: http://msn.foxsports.com/fantasy/football/story/10182478

3:29 John Juhasz:  As far as Bryant, my main concern is whether Josh Johnson can actually get him the ball. He caught a TD pass last week, but only totaled 44 receiving yards on the day. Whoopee. I think he's a bench option at best, but I wouldn't dump him onto the waiver wire unless I could get someone substantially better.
3:32 FOX Fantasy:  From our favorite friend, A Fellow Bald One!! (we're all so lovable, aren't we?!).......John, I need a sleeper defense this week? Your thoughts on either Indy, Dallas, Buffalo, Miami or Washington....Also, can you pick two from Brandon Jacobs (vs. OAK), Steven Jackson (vs. MIN), Clinton Portis (@ CAR) and Rashard Mendenhall (@ DET).
3:35 John Juhasz:  Let's start with your defense question. In a standard scoring format that rewards sacks, turnovers, TDs and fewest yards given up, the Cowboys may not be a bad option. I said above that Matt Cassel may not make a bad fill-in QB this week, but I don't think the Chiefs offense will get out of this game completely mistake-free. The Colts run defense terrifies me against Chris Johnson, the Bills are too inconsistent, the Fins are facing an offense which has just added a nice new dimension, and the Redskins D gets left on the field for long stretches. plus are playing a team whose season is on the line.
3:37 John Juhasz:  As far as your RBs, Jacobs is one for sure since the Giants will likely jump out to an early lead and spend the second half running out the clock (running being the operative word). For your second guy, how can you NOT go with Mendenhall? He got his wake-up call from Mike Tomlin and proceeded to completely shred the Chargers front seven and finish among the top RBs of Week 4. Plus, I like Mendenhall even better if Willie Parker is out again since Detroit has one of the worst overall defenses in the league.
3:37 FOX Fantasy:  A fellow J.J. has a quickie........Hey J.J., this is J.J. Should I start Kyle Orton (vs. NE) or Brett Favre (@ STL) this week? Will Minny be giving Favre a break by running a lot this Sunday?
3:39 John Juhasz:  Awesome initials, J.J. You know, I think this is going to be a great week for elite running backs since there are so many horrendous matchups on the schedule this week. Pit @ Det? Oak @ NYG? Min @ StL? TB @ Phi? Jeez. As I touched on above, a few of these teams are going to race out to big leads and chew up the clock after they do.
3:42 John Juhasz:  But that doesn't answer your question. The Pats defense isn't great, but Orton's ceiling seems to be something like 260 yards and one score. He's never really been forced to throw much this year since Denver's defense has given up such a miserly amount of points. Will that finally change against Tom Brady? Maybe, but I'm not banking on it. I'd probably go with Favre and just hope he can avoid the post-MNF hangover. Like I said, I think that game will actually be closer than some imagine it might, and quarterbacks don't have a lot of trouble throwing on St. Lous.
3:42 FOX Fantasy:  Marc needs help!!!.......Hey John, I need help!! (See?) I'm hurting at RB, and I'm in a 16-team league, so there isn't much to choose from. Is trading Percy Harvin for Knowshon Moreno a good idea? I have Matt Forte and Darren McFadden as my top two right now.
Is Knowshon Moreno a weekly fantasy starter yet?
 ( 71% )
 ( 29% )

3:44 John Juhasz:  Well, you certainly need someone besides McFadden for this week since he'll be out injured. My God...I'm no longer wondering whether the Raiders will score, I'm actually wondering whether they'll even cross midfield with the ball. Even without Eli, this one could get really ugly.
3:46 John Juhasz:  

And between the two, I'd take Moreno over Harvin. Yeah, Harvin caught a couple of TD passes early on, but his true value to the Vikings seems to be on special teams. He's almost like another Reggie Bush who will only be used when necessary (or on occasional trick plays). Even though Moreno shares carries with Correll Buckhalter, I like his potential the rest of the way (especially when you realize he'll be  running against AFC West defenses).

3:47 FOX Fantasy:  Brin has a trade question..........I've been offered Steve Smith (CAR) for Brian Westbrook. Should I consider it?
3:49 John Juhasz:  

Part of it depends on what your particluar area of need happens to be, but even though I know you have to put up with the constant injury risk, I like Westbrook's potential a little more that Stevie's. Smith doesn't seem all that thrilled with Jake Delhomme at the moment, and the odds of a T.O.-McNabb blowup between the two seem to increase with every loss.

3:51 FOX Fantasy:  Hey Kiko, we'll answer your question if you stop entering it in for the 100th time!!!......Kiko asks, "Can you pick one Flex player between Thomas Jones, Willis McGahee, Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Marshall?"
3:54 John Juhasz:  

Am I supposed to enter my answer as many times as you asked it? Jeez. I can't decide if Kiko is some Hawaiian goddess or one of the regular costume wearing lunatics who you'd see sitting in the black hole at a Raiders game. I think Marshall is the best bet of the four. I don't trust Jones, I think the clock is going to strike midnight on McGahee's fantasy value very soon, and Lynch needs a few more games to get back into top game shape.

3:54 FOX Fantasy:  Big E is wondering what many of us are as well........Is Donovan McNabb worthy of a start this week?
3:56 John Juhasz:  

Most definitely, E. Count me among his owners who are delighted to see him return this week. In fact, could he even have picked a better team to go against than the Bucs? Any offense with even a modicum of passing proficiency has totally dismantled Tampa Bay's secondary. D-Mac will get right back on track, and even if it's a blowout, I think Andy Reid will keep him in the game a little longer than normal to help him get more in sync with the offense again.

3:56 FOX Fantasy:  Gonna take two more quickies from the questions already given to us...........
3:57 FOX Fantasy:  Mark in Alabama gets one of them........John, am I crazy to be starting Mike Sims-Walker over Randy Moss this week?
3:59 John Juhasz:  I like Sims-Walker's potential as much as the next guy, but I just can't turn my back on a guy like Randy Moss yet. I know, I know...it took him a long time to hook up with Tom Brady for their first TD pass of the year. I get it...you were impatient, just like the rest of his owners. But I'd start a proven guy who has the potential to go for 100 yards and a score against any defense in the league on any given week over Sims-Walker every single time.

Although if you're that sold on MSW, see if someone in your league wants to trade for Mos.
4:00 FOX Fantasy:  Our last question of the day comes from "Not Kiko!," which we obviously felt compelled to answer........Hey John, Wes Welker plays regardless of the matchup from here on out, right?!
4:01 John Juhasz:  I think so. You saw what Julian Edelman did in his place against the Jets a few weeks back, and that's about what you can expect from Welker on a weekly basis. Come to think of it, if New England's offense is that much of a plug-and-play kind, maybe Gerrit and I can get some playing time for them if they get too banged up this year.
4:02 FOX Fantasy:  I'm in!
4:03 FOX Fantasy:  But, alas, we're out ....... for today, that is. Thanks to a record-setting number of you coming out today! We appreciate it. Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday at 3pm EST/12pm PST for more fantasy football chat!
4:03 John Juhasz:  Thanks for stopping in, guys. Sorry if I didn't get to your question...we had tons of them today. If tyou like, you can drop me a line in my feedback box, and I'll try to respond to them over the weekend. Roger Rotter will also be here on Sunday morning to give you a hand. Seeeeeeeee ya!


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