FOX FUNHOUSE: A peek into the mind of Spurrier

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Diary of a Madman
What's it like being the Zeus-mack of Florida? The baddest coach the Beltway has ever seen? Take a peek into the innermost thoughts of Washington Redskins coach Steve Spurrier and see what he thinks of Steve Mariucci, Ron Zook and ... Jessica Simpson? And do we detect some political notions in these musings? FOX Funhouse contributor Dayn Perry has pulled some of the highlights from the last few months.

Senator Spurrier? (AP)
Strange Names in the Game
What do Madison Hedgecock, Patrick Goodpaster, Atari Bigby and Boss Baily have in common? They are all members of the FOXSports.com .
The Darrell Waltrip Dictionary
Have you ever tried to figure out just what the heck ol' DW is trying to say? It's our job to understand him, but to help you guys out, we got Jeff Hammond to break down Darrell-speak for us.
Now for the eye candy

Anna almost won her first singles title this weekend, but with this photo gallery, everyone wins.
Our video crew takes you on a wild ride through the week's wackiest moments.
These guys look Super
Where did he go?
Freshman has Buckeyes back
The last man standing
Fantasy star works overtime
Wild On ... West Coast
Okay so there's no girls in bikinis or foam-filled dance floors. No models, rock stars, party people and definitely no Brooke Burke as a tour guide. But Randy Hill assures you the playoff races will be on full display in California this week. He also has plenty of predictions in his .

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