DW: Busch, Cup drivers on my Truck short list

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Darrell Waltrip

Darrell Waltrip — winner of 84 career NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races and a three-time champion — serves as lead analyst for NASCAR on FOX. He was selected for induction into the prestigious NASCAR Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2012. Want more from DW? Become a fan on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

Jane from Spartanburg, South Carolina: During the Martinsville race, you were talking about looking for a driver for your truck, and on "Trackside," you seemed to be interested in Travis Kvapil. Who are you considering and when do you think you will announce a driver? Darrell Waltrip: I can't get over the number of people who have contacted me about driving my truck next year, and that makes me feel good. People in the Busch Series, people already in the Truck Series, ARCA drivers and drivers in the ASA. From the Midwest to West Coast to guys who race here at home in Nashville. All over the place. It's been interesting. I like Travis a lot, and he kind of drives the way I like a guy to drive. You don't hear much about him throughout the race, but he's always up there in the top two or three at the end of the day. He's somebody I like a lot. I like a whole lot, and I talked to Brendan, but I guess Dodge stepped up and he's going to stay with his program. There have been several Busch drivers that we're really interested in and a couple of Cup drivers so we haven't picked a driver. We're on the verge of it, and we ought to be able to make an announcement in another week or two. The Truck Series is something I really look forward to next year. We're going to run the No. 17 for my full-time truck, I'm going to have No. 11 on my part-time truck so I'm going to have my two favorite numbers. It ought to be exciting.
Testing, not racing, at Kentucky

Michael and Laura from Cynthiana, Kentucky: We love it when you drive the truck. When will you drive the Truck at the Kentucky Speedway? Darrell Waltrip: That's a little bit outside of my parameters. I've been restricted to small race tracks. As much as I love Kentucky -- and if I could pick one race that I wanted to run that would be it -- they go a little too fast there for my wife Stevie, and it's because of her and her willingness to let me drive the three races that I even get to go. I can go there and test. I've tested with a couple of teams at superspeedways, and Stevie seems to be OK with me testing. She just doesn't want me out there on the race track going 180 miles an hour with 40 other guys.

Brendan brings home title

Sandra from Belmont, N.C.: Did you see Monte Dutton's article that asked, "Is there a 'next Darrell Waltrip' out there? It's hard to say. If there is one, though, he's Brendan Gaughan." and do you know you have a fine young racer following so closely in your path? Darrell Waltrip: I've been a big fan of Gaughan's. I got to know him a little bit last year, and I liked his attitude. It's funny how guys with attitude kind of gravitate toward each other. That's how I felt about Brendan. I like a guy who grabs your hand, shakes it, looks you in the eye and calls you Mr. Waltrip. I like that, and he does that. What I really respect about him is he respects me. When we have raced together two or three times, he's come to me, and we've talked a lot. I also like the fact that he can take it, and he can dish it out. I like that. I don't find him to be arrogant or obnoxious or anything else. I find him to be very confident, and I like the way he races. He's done it his way with his team, doing it different than everybody else. Those are things that I respect in drivers. I like him a lot, and I like to hear what he has to say. And it's the same old deal with me. It looks like he rubs some of the older guys wrong, but I kind of like it myself. I think the other drivers are going to have to take this year's truck title away from Gaughan. I think Brendan will do very well at the final three tracks. His superspeedway, big track program seems to be a little bit better than everybody else's so I think that favors him in that series.

Trucks won't come between DW and Trackside

Jay from Louisville, Kentucky: Will being a Truck Series owner affect your job as FOX and SPEED analyst? There are few Friday truck races, but I hope to still see you on "Trackside." Darrell Waltrip: I do "Trackside" the first half of the year always, even if I'm in a truck race. When I was at Martinsville in April, I qualified and then went over and did "Trackside." That's such a fun show to do. When I'm not there, my brother Michael takes my seat in the second half of the year. And occasionally, as you've noticed, if I'm going to be in town or at a track on Friday, I'll do the show with the guys and give Michael a little break. It's a great show to do because we just kind of cut loose and have fun. Mark Smith is our producer and director, and he's got his hands full controlling all of us at one time. But they kind of let us wing it, and it's a lot of fun. And Mark keeps us under control.

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