Chris Brown Scouting Report

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foxsports admin

Brown is a very experienced corner from UAB. He has started since the third game of his freshman year. He has good height, strength, and speed. He has a good understanding of the position and is rarely fooled by play action and other fakes. He does a good job of anticipating and jumping routes. He is good at press coverage and does a good job of knocking receivers off their routes. Brown isn't good in man-to-man coverage because he loses speed when he turns and runs with receivers. He is at his best when he can keep the play in front of him. He doesn't do a good job of locating the ball over his shoulder. He is a willing tackler but isn't good at it. He gets caught up too much in traffic. If he were better in run support, he might be moved to safety, where he was tried at the Senior Bowl but didn't stand out.

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