CHAT TRANSCRIPT: David Moore talks NFL Draft

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David Moore

David Moore has been the senior football writer for FOX Sports since Aug. 2005. He appears weekly on the FSN Baseball Report and MLB on FOX. One more line lorem ipsum dolor sit amet e pluribus unum.

Events_Moderator: Hi David, welcome to Lycos Live Events! What's up? david__moore: Not much, what's going on with you? Events_Moderator: Not a whole lot here! mhtwins113: why isn't deshaun foster of UCLA gettiong more attention? can't his fumble problem be easily corrected david__moore: I think you've hit on it. The reason you haven't heard him as a sure first round pick is because he's had problems holding on to the ball. Foster is aware of this and said he believes he just needs to hold the ball closer to his body. Many scouts agree, saying they believe the problem can be overcome by working with the UCLA star on his technique. It looks as if Foster will be taken early in the second round. But there's also a chance he won't get past Philadelphia in the first round at number 26. tb_la: Whose stock is really rising in the final few days before the draft? david__moore: One guy who has really shot up the charts is Georgia defensive end Charles Grant. He has outstanding speed which is what teams are looking for. Here's a guy who was projected to go late third or early second, who should now find himself taken in the first round. mantle4: david will the chiefs pass a d lineman if harrington drops in the 8th spot? david__moore: I think that's one of the more intriguing questions of this draft. I have a hard time believing that a Carolina team with Chris Wienke, a Detroit team with Mike McMahon, and a Buffalo team with Alex Van Pelt at quarterback would all let Harrington slide by, making him available to the Chiefs at number 8. But it appears that could happen. This is a tough call for the Cheifs. Their defensive line really needs help. And they could get either the first or second best tackle at this spot. What Kansas City must weigh is whether its more important to improve this season, or improve down the road by bringing in Harrington. At this stage, they haven't decided. diedrich88: Is there a shot Ed Reed slips to the Bears, Would he be a good fit to Replace Parish or is he too small? david__moore: This is the range where Reed is projected to go. He's clearly the second best safety in this draft. And his size isn't a concern. The thing is there should also be some pretty intriguing defensive ends when the Bears pick - specifically Syracuse's Dwight Freeney. Most clubs lean toward size up front, which would appear to give Freeney an edge. mhtwins113: How can teams justify taking grant so high knowing he only had one truly dominant game? david__moore: That's a very good point. But what you see happening is that teams in the late first become enamoured with what a player can become. Rather than what a player has accomplished. Grant's speed sets him apart. The shortage of truly disruptive pass rushers in the league often clouds their judgement. wallace_the_dog: is josh reed damaged goods? david__moore: I don't believe teams view him that way. He's regarded as the fourth or fifth best receiver in a very talented and deep receiving class. He probably has the best hands in the group. And isn't afraid to go over the middle to make the tough catch. This is a guy who will go in the late first or early second. mantle4: as a fan of the chiefs i feel the immediate need for them is the run stuffer however, vermeil likes a lot of offense. do you think they will attempt to trade up to secure sims? david__moore: Ryan Sims is an attractive player. And could be taken one spot before the Chiefs' pick by Minnesota. If offensive tackles Micheal Williams and Bryant McKinnie are off the board when the Vikings select. Still I don't know if there's enough difference between Sims and the other top defensive tackles in this draft - Albert Haynesworth, Wendell Bryant, and John Henderson. Not enough difference to justify jumping one spot to take Sims. wallace_the_dog: will kurt kittner be drafted and does he have the goods to last in the nfl? david__moore: Kittner will be drafted. But a guy who appeared in line to be the third QB taken has now found himself to be around number 5. Kittner is mechanically sound and has a nice touch but he's inconsistant. And he doesn't throw a great deep ball. Look for him to go somewhere between the third and fifth rounds. tb_la: Why haven't some of the teams near the top of the draft with less-than-thrilling options at QB seemed more excited about Harrington? david__moore: I'm baffled by that one, as well. And if you're Harrington, that's the $10 million dollar question - which would be the size of his signing bonus if he went immediately after David Carr. Many personnel directors will tell you they consider Harrington to be a better prospect than Carr. I think one thing that may be at work here is the league's penchant to follow the leader. Trent Dilfer and Tom Brady have been the last two QBs to win a Super Bowl and neither is regarded as an elite player. Perhaps teams feel they don't need an elite QB to play at the championship level. Still, you've got to think this is the exception rather than the rule. Teams that pass Harrington could really wind up regretting it. mantle4: have you heard whether or not the bills will be parting with their 1st round pick for bledsoe? and if so who is new england looking at with that pic? david__moore: The Bills have made it clear they will not part with a first round pick to aquire Bledsoe. Buffalo wants him, but not at that price. Since the Patriots really don't have anywhere else to turn, Buffalo won't budge. Look for them to have the fourth pick in Saturday's draft. Offensive tackle Micheal Williams should be considered the leading candidate. mhtwins113: who do scouts compare joey harrington to? david__moore: You hear some scouts compare him to Denver's Brian Griese. Others point to his ability to bring his team back in the fourth quarter and evoke the names of John Elway and Joe Montana. No one is saying he will be as good as Elway or Montana, but he is intriguing. mhtwins113: what kind of value can the bucs get in the 3rd round? can they get any immediately productive players? david__moore: It will be hard at this stage to get that done. The Buc's have a good veteran nucleus. And its doubtful they could pick up anyone here who would start this season. tredzone: Is Bryan Thomas of UAB a possible 1st rounder and who do you think would take him ? david__moore: Thomas has caught the eye of a lot of scouts, and plays a position that is in demand. That means that there are too many quality defensive ends stacked up in front him. For him to go in the first round. mikej232: DTs Brandon Hicks and Larry Tripplett had a pre-draft visit with the Colts, do you think they might go DT twice early? david__moore: There's no question the Colts will contemplate on the defensive side of the ball. I think they will go defensive tackle in the first round. But there may be enough quality QBs when they pick in the second round that the team will opt to go in that direction. Events_Moderator: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us this evening, David! It's been fun! We'll have to do this again sometime! david__moore: I've enjoyed it a lot! This draft should really be interesting, because you can project anywhere from 40 to 45 players with first round potential. A lot of players projected to go in the first will still be available mid to late second, which should make fans of those teams feel pretty good.
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