Beyond the Glory: Sammy Sosa

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A five-time National League All-Star, the 1998 National League MVP, and the first player in major league history to have a trio of 60-homer seasons, 14-year MLB veteran finally gets to share his story on what it took to achieve such success. In this week¿s installment of Fox Sports Net¿s documentary series Beyond the Glory , Sosa brings viewers into his world where growing up with baseball was more than a pastime. Baseball was Sosa¿s ticket out of the life he knew, working as a shoeshine boy on the streets of San Pedro de Marcoris. From his upbringing in the Dominican Republic, including his family life and his early baseball playing days, Sosa shares his thoughts from when he was a youngster on making it ¿big¿ in professional baseball. He also discusses the personal struggles he faced as a young man in the Major Leagues as well as the excitement and media frenzy surrounding the 1998 home run chase. Beyond the Glory also chronicles Sosa¿s humanitarian efforts as he became a hero in his homeland following his foundation¿s work in the relief effort helping the victims of Hurricane George, which devastated the Dominican in September 1998. Sosa¿s personal crusade to give his people some hope came in his on-field efforts. ¿With so many people suffering, I said to myself let me do good here. Finish strong, so they will have something good to remember,¿ he said about his head-to-head battle with . People interviewed for this episode include: manager Don Baylor, former and general manager Larry Himes, family friend Bill Chase, former MLB players George Bell and Juan Marichal, former Texas scout and current Montreal GM Omar Minaya, minor league teammate Jonathan Hurst and his mother Mireya. Following are some of the quotes from the one-hour show: on on his days as a shoeshine boy: ¿George Bell, Pedro Guerrero, came in [to town] in those nice cars. In my mind I thought, ¿maybe one day I¿d be like those guys, you never know.¿¿ Sosa on his MLB contract for $3,500: ¿For me, three thousand five hundred was, I mean, like a million.¿ Sosa on his success: ¿I¿m coming from nowhere, from the Dominican Republic, a happy person¿just happy to be in America. I cannot stop doing my job.¿ Don Baylor on Sosa: ¿He¿s the modern day Babe Ruth.¿ Jonathan Hurst on Sammy¿s determination: ¿He didn¿t know the fundamentals. Basically, you know, running through the signs. It was one of those types of things like learning algebra for the first time. It would just give you headaches. He never gave up. That single had to be a double, the double had to be a triple.¿ George Bell on his patience: ¿I told him, ¿don¿t worry, keep swinging because the more breaking balls they throw you, the better hitter you¿re going to be. Because as soon as you know how to hit it, there¿s no chance they¿re going to get you out.¿¿ Larry Himes on Himes¿ trade for Sosa to become a Chicago Cub: ¿He comes in the trailer and hugs me. ¿Larry, I do good for you. I make you proud of me.¿ To me it¿s still special.¿ The second season for Beyond The Glory, FSN's highest-rated weekly show, features 20 original programs. Each installment debuts on Sunday at 8 p.m. local time.
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