BDSSP: Knight and Alford together at last

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Texas Tech college basketball coach Bobby Knight and University of Iowa college basketball coach Steve Alford appeared on the Best Damn Sports Show Period Friday to discuss a myriad of topics with the BDSSP cast. But the most newsworthy aspect of the appearance was the fact that the former coach and star at Indiana were together. Reports have surfaced over the years that they were not close after Alford took the Iowa coaching job. But the two, who teamed up to win the 1987 NCAA college basketball championship (Knight as coach, Alford as the star player), couldn¿t have appeared more cordial. They were sitting next to each other from Lubbock where they were conducting Knight¿s basketball camp. Fox Sports Net's Best Damn Sports Show Period airs in primetime and latenight in all regions. Please check your local listings. Here are excerpts from Friday¿s interview:

Alford on the rigors of being a college coach: ¿The one thing I appreciate is that the guy I am sitting next to — whether you are talking about 2002, 1987 when I played, or back in the early 1970s when he started the tradition at Indiana — he has done it the same way all the time, the right way. That is why he has had the success he had has.¿ Knight on coaching Alford at Indiana: ¿He called his mother after seven practices and said that I had changed his name to ¿Dammit, Steve!¿ ¿ Alford on the importance of a player¿s character: ¿I have learned some valuable lessons already about that being down here in Lubbock talking with Coach Knight during the recruiting period. I have learned how to go about getting the kind of person you want on your basketball team.¿ Knight on coaching in the NBA: ¿The reason I have never coached in the NBA is because I have never seen a player yet worth more than a good coach. ¿Actually, there are some colleges that disagree with that.¿ Knight on the youthful appearance of former player Alford: ¿Time spent with me as a player is so easy and relaxing that none of my players look old.¿ Knight on coaching Allen Iverson: ¿I would have been able to handle Iverson because I would never have had him and wouldn¿t have those problems. You never worry about the things you would not have to contend with.¿ Knight on Ted Williams ¿I am a bigger baseball fan than anything else. ... As a kid growing up nothing thrilled me more than to watch Ted Williams at the plate. ... It went way beyond what he did on the baseball diamond. The guy was a great philanthropist; he had a great sense of humor. You talk about an icon and he was a real, real American icon both as a player and as a person. ¿

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