Sabbatini injures self with violent sneeze at Valspar

Rory Sabbatini sneezed so hard that he hurt himself on Sunday. Luckily, he was able to finish as he limped his way through the final five holes to collect those coveted FedEx Cup points.

Rory Sabbatini proved why sneezing on the course is a dangerous game.

Sam Greenwood / Getty Images North America

PALM HARBOR, Fla. – A rib injury is nothing to sneeze at, just ask Rory Sabbatini.

The South African native injured a rib when he sneezed on the 14th tee. A PGA Tour physical therapist applied a bag of ice to his right shoulder and Sabbatini limped to the finish, shooting a 78 to finish at 8 over (T-70).

When asked why he gutted it out, Sabbatini, who to his credit stopped to sign a few autographs, said, “Because I needed the FedEx Cup points. If you don’t finish, you don’t get FedEx points.”

Stephen Ames, who played in the same group with Sabbatini, was more blunt. “It’s a bad system,” Ames said. “You get paid (if you withdraw), but you don’t get FedEx Cup points.”

Jeffrey Banaszak, a Tour therapist, said Sabbatini has been suffering from a neck injury for more than a year. Sabbatini said his neck injury flared up on the range before his round. As for the rib, Sabbatini said, “I didn’t feel much except for complete pain.”

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