Rory McIlroy does his best 'Happy Gilmore' in honor of movie's 20th anniversary

Golf and movie fans alike are celebrating the Bob Barkered glory that is "Happy Gilmore," the classic Adam Sandler sports flick that was released in theaters 20 years ago today. 

The PGA Tour has been gleefully celebrating the release of this cult classic, in which Sandler plays a hockey reject who realizes he has a talent for the gentleman's game, by teeing up some of the film's many quotable lines with its Tour players

No. 3-ranked Rory McIlroy gamely took part by sharing his favorite "Gilmore" quote: 

(Here's how the original scene played out:) 

Though McIlroy revealed shortly thereafter that his top quote choice wasn't allowed in the PGA Tour feed: 

The PGA allowed him this one instead: 

Clearly, McIlroy is a die-hard "Gilmore" fan: 

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