Blog: Scott beats Cabrera in playoff

It was down to Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera in the Masters playoff. Scott was trying to become Australia’s first Masters champion while Cabrera was seeking his second green jacket. Recap every shot of the action here, check out our live blog from the rest of the final round and see scores with our leaderboard.

Second playoff hole

The 10th serves as the second playoff hole at Augusta, another par four. Scott goes first again and hits another perfect tee shot on the fairway. Cabrera breaks out an iron and calmly hits another laser on the fairway. Sharp play so far in the playoff.

With the balls side-by-side again, Cabrera drops his approach in the center of the green but a good distance from the hole. Scott does just about the same in a little bit deeper position. Both have lengthy birdie putts.

Cabrera goes first. His putt curls within a couple inches of the cup but just won’t drop. Scott has a putt to win the Masters. AND HE SINKS IT! Adam Scott has won the Masters!

Scott: Birdie. Cabrera: Par.

First playoff hole

Scott goes first on the 18th tee and stripes it down the fairway. Cabrera steps up next and knocks it right next to Scott’s ball. Perfect shots for both to start.

Scott’s approach lands on the front of the green and scoots back off. Short chip from there. Cabrera steps right up and doesn’t like it off the club. The exact same thing happens to him as the ball trickles off the green and to within a couple feet of Scott’s ball.

Cabrera is away and — wow — his chip rolls over the right edge of the cup and nearly holes it. Scott had a great view and is on the same line, but he leaves his chip short. Scott’s away for a makeable putt. He better hit it — Cabrera’s just a couple feet away.

Scott buries the straight putt for a par on the hole. Cabrera taps in his short two-footer, and we’ll head to the 10th as this thing continues.

Scott: Par . Cabrera: Par.