Surgery looms, so let’s cherish Daly

Sad news this weekend out of White Sulphur Springs, W. Va.,
John “America Pants” Daly withdrew
from The Greenbrier Classic three holes into his second round.

It’s not so much sad
because Daly withdrew. He does that all the time (38 times
in PGA Tour events, to be exact). And it’s not as though he
was in contention. Daly fired a 75 in the first round and had
bogeyed two of his first three holes Friday.

It is unfortunate, however, because the injury will require
surgery and put Daly out of commission.

And if we know anything about Daly, it’s that whether
he’s in contention or not, he keeps things interesting on the
course. So now we’ll have to suffer through the rest of the
golf season without…

His amazing
sense of
, obviously:

His tee shots (both impressive and creative):

on the

And his marriage advice (and he would know, because he’s
divorced four times):

But at least Daly’s time away from the golf course should
leave him more time for

And by no means does Daly being injured mean he can’t give
us something to talk about. He can be plenty weird, even when he
can’t play:

Get well soon, John. We’re gonna miss you.