Howard Stern encounters Ian Poulter

Whether it’s “MASHED POTATOES” or “YABBA-DABBA-DO” or “BOOM SHAKA LAKA,” golf fans love yelling stuff at professional golfers.

These days, one of the more popular post-swing catch phrases seems to be “BABA BOOEY,” a nod to Howard Stern producer Gary Dell’Abate. See for yourself below:

Apparently some of these Baba Booey-bombers and other post-shot shouters caught the ear of Ian Poulter at this week’s PGA Championship, and Poulter took to Twitter Saturday night and Sunday afternoon to address the issue:

That last tweet then caught the attention of Mr. Stern, himself, who responded to what he apparently thought was a slight of his right-hand man:

Poulter (1,528,407 followers, as of this writing) then responded to Stern (1,469,277 followers) with a burn about Twitter followers:

I’m not sure I’d call this a beef, exactly, but there are fewer celebrities out there with a more loyal following than Stern’s. So if nothing else, Poulter can probably expect a heaping helping of “BABA BOOEY” catcalls at his next tournament. As for this one? He finished at 8-over par.