Untimely crash course at the US Open

Carl Pettersson played his first four holes at 3 over par Friday
at the
second round of
the US Open
, including a double-bogey on the fourth.

So things were already going poorly when he addressed the ball
for his approach shot on the fifth fairway at Merion Golf Club.
Then, in the middle of Pettersson’s backswing on five, an
errant ball from another hole knocked his ball out from under him.
It’s something you have to see to believe:

The wayward ball came off the club of Brandon Crick, a
25-year-old from Nebraska who made the field
via local qualifying.

Crick was playing the second hole, which runs parallel to No. 5,
and apparently hooked his tee shot into the fifth fairway, where it
collided with Pettersson’s ball.

Once the situation was sorted out, Crick played his ball from
where it stopped. Then, Pettersson was allowed to move his ball
back to its original location without penalty.

Crick would go on to birdie No. 2, while Pettersson carded a
bogey on the 504-yard par-4 fifth. Pettersson (7 over) is projected
to make the cut but Crick (19 over) won’t.