SILEO'S SPINS: Bonds, Augusta and Wooden Award

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Dan Sileo co-hosts with Craig Shemon weeknights from 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. ET and Saturdays from 4-8 p.m. ET on . Check back each week for Sileo's Spins, a unique take on what's hot in sports. 1. Chasing Aaron: April 8th is the anniversary of Hank Aaron's 715th career home run, when he passed Babe Ruth as baseball's all-time home run king. Right now, we are watching something in baseball that is truly incredible, a 37-year-old superstar is taking a shot at Aaron's 755. Barry Bonds is at 572 career homers going into this week's action. Does he have a shot? Probably not, but he may give it one helluva ride. Last year he had an incredible year, hitting 73 dingers with 177 walks.

2. Altering Augusta: This week is Masters week, probably the second biggest golf tournament of the year, next to the U.S. Open. I wonder what Bobby Jones would think of what they have done to his Augusta National? Jones took so much pride in the layout of the course calling it "The Shot Selection Course." It's a course that made you think. You didn't have to be a BIG hitter to win the Masters. But today, Augusta National has changed the face of the way the course looks to try and stop one man, Tiger Woods. Now Augusta National needs to change another face. How about more minority club members? Hootie where are you?

3. Weak Wooden: The John Wooden Award goes to Duke's Jason Williams. That is the biggest joke of the college basketball year. Get this - Kansas' Drew Gooden was second and the BEST player in college basketball, Maryland's Juan Dixon was third. I dare anybody on the PLANET to tell me Juan Dixon was not the BEST player in the nation, leading his team to the national championship. The guy led with action, ability and passion. Here is a kid who was told he had ZERO chance to play in the ACC. Now he leaves the ACC as one of the GREATEST players the conference has EVER produced.

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