PGA Tour Qualifying Scores

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LA QUINTA, California (AP)

Scores Monday after the $1,057,500 U.S. PGA Tour Q-School qualifying tournament, played on the par-72, 7,204-yard Jack Nicklaus Course (n) and the par-72, 7,300-yard PGA West Stadium Course (s)

Purse:Final Round(Top 27 and ties earn PGA Tour exemptions for next year)

Brendon Todd, $50,000 71s-68n-69s-71n-68s-68n-415

Stephen Gangluff, $40,000 72s-72n-64n-71s-67s-70n-416

Bobby Gates, $32,500 67s-70n-68s-73n-73s-66n-417

Seung-yul Noh, $32,500 69n-72s-64s-72n-73s-67n-417

Tommy Biershenk, $25,833 70s-70n-68s-73n-69s-68n-418

Jarrod Lyle, $25,833 68n-72s-68s-73n-68s-69n-418

Vaughn Taylor, $25,833 65n-72s-69s-73n-70s-69n-418

Marco Dawson, $25,000 73s-68n-67s-67n-68s-76n-419

Bob Estes, $25,000 67s-73n-69s-74n-69s-67n-419

Brian Harman, $25,000 69s-71n-67s-74n-68s-70n-419

Sang-Moon Bae, $25,000 65s-76n-69s-75n-69s-66n-420

Kevin Kisner, $25,000 67n-71s-71s-75n-69s-67n-420

Charlie Beljan, $25,000 70n-73s-66s-73n-68s-71n-421

Roberto Castro, $25,000 71s-71n-68s-72n-70s-69n-421

Harris English, $25,000 68s-67n-72s-70n-70s-74n-421

Jeff Maggert, $25,000 66s-72n-72s-75n-66s-70n-421

William McGirt, $25,000 65n-73s-70s-73n-71s-69n-421

Will Claxton, $25,000 64n-70s-69s-70n-76s-73n-422

Scott Dunlap, $25,000 70s-72n-71s-70n-71s-68n-422

Edward Loar, $25,000 67n-73s-73s-70n-67s-72n-422

Greg Owen, $25,000 70s-73n-73s-69n-70s-67n-422

Patrick Sheehan, $25,000 73s-75n-70n-71s-66s-67n-422

Daniel Summerhays, $25,000 64s-73n-72s-74n-68s-71n-422

Mark Anderson, $25,000 66n-72s-74s-72n-70s-69n-423

Richard H. Lee, $25,000 72s-74n-66n-78s-65n-68s-423

Alexandre Rocha, $25,000 67n-70s-75s-70n-69s-72n-423

Nathan Green, $25,000 74n-74s-67n-70s-73s-66n-424

John Huh, $25,000 72n-76s-65n-74s-69s-68n-424

Colt Knost, $25,000 69n-72s-71s-72n-68s-72n-424

Derek Fathauer, $5,000 69s-72n-71s-73n-67s-73n-425

Erik Flores, $5,000 69s-75n-70s-76n-67n-68s-425

Jason Gore, $5,000 73s-74n-69n-73s-69s-67n-425

Jim Herman, $5,000 75n-70s-68n-76s-69s-67n-425

Kent Jones, $5,000 68n-72s-68s-76n-71s-70n-425

Scott Parel, $5,000 71n-72s-71s-70n-67s-74n-425

Tag Ridings, $5,000 68n-73s-69s-74n-70s-71n-425

Ryan Yip, $5,000 68n-78s-70n-67s-73s-69n-425

Brad Adamonis, $5,000 73s-72n-66n-72s-73s-70n-426

Brian Anderson, $5,000 69n-71s-73s-73n-70s-70n-426

Shane Bertsch, $5,000 67n-71s-74s-76n-67s-71n-426

Steven Bowditch, $5,000 66n-73s-74s-73n-69s-71n-426

Brad Fritsch, $5,000 72s-67n-69s-78n-71s-69n-426

Mathias Gronberg, $5,000 67n-76s-70s-74n-70s-69n-426

Lee Janzen, $5,000 71s-75n-68n-71s-71s-70n-426

Matt Jones, $5,000 67n-68s-70s-78n-68s-75n-426

Steve LeBrun, $5,000 71s-70n-73s-74n-70s-68n-426

Luke List, $5,000 69n-77s-67n-71s-72s-70n-426

Rob Oppenheim, $5,000 76s-71n-68n-74s-69s-68n-426

Andrew Svoboda, $5,000 70n-73s-72s-74n-66n-71s-426

Hudson Swafford, $5,000 74s-71n-70n-73s-65s-73n-426

Reid Edstrom, $5,000 72s-71n-69s-78n-63n-74s-427

Roland Thatcher, $5,000 68n-73s-70s-76n-72s-68n-427

Chris Wilson, $5,000 69n-77s-69n-74s-70s-68n-427

Stuart Anderson, $5,000 70n-70s-71s-73n-73s-71n-428

D.J. Brigman, $5,000 72s-72n-71n-74s-70n-69s-428

Paul D. Haley, $5,000 71n-70s-67s-74n-74s-72n-428

Mike Lavery, $5,000 67n-77s-71n-74s-71n-68s-428

James Sacheck, $5,000 67s-78n-68n-72s-74s-69n-428

Shawn Stefani, $5,000 72n-75s-66n-71s-69s-75n-428

Boo Weekley, $5,000 74n-72s-68n-78s-67n-69s-428

Ron Whittaker, $5,000 68s-75n-68s-71n-74s-72n-428

Will Wilcox, $5,000 68n-75s-70s-71n-71s-73n-428

Jason Allred, $5,000 73s-70n-71s-72n-70s-73n-429

Jeff Cuzzort, $5,000 71n-72s-69s-77n-70s-70n-429

Billy Hurley III, $5,000 65s-71n-70s-74n-73s-76n-429

Corey Nagy, $5,000 70n-71s-71s-75n-72s-70n-429

Dicky Pride, $5,000 67s-72n-70s-75n-70s-75n-429

Jim Renner, $5,000 69n-73s-74s-75n-69n-69s-429

Oscar Serna, $5,000 75s-68n-72s-72n-71s-71n-429

Nicholas Thompson, $5,000 70s-71n-70s-78n-70s-70n-429

Omar Uresti, $5,000 70n-73s-75s-74n-66n-71s-429

Alex Aragon, $5,000 70s-74n-69n-77s-71n-69s-430

Ben Briscoe, $5,000 68n-76s-70n-75s-67n-74s-430

David Duval, $5,000 72s-72n-73s-73n-68n-72s-430

Jeff Gove, $5,000 71n-72s-71s-73n-74s-69n-430

Justin Hicks, $5,000 73s-71n-68n-75s-73s-70n-430

Philip Pettitt, Jr., $5,000 74s-75n-66n-76s-66n-73s-430

Anthony Rodriguez, $5,000 71n-78s-69n-79s-64n-69s-430

Chris Tidland, $5,000 71s-74n-65n-78s-69s-73n-430

Tim Wilkinson, $5,000 70s-74n-75s-72n-70n-69s-430

Lee Williams, $5,000 69n-78s-67n-76s-66n-74s-430

Steve Allan, $0 71s-74n-69n-74s-74s-69n-431

John Chin, $0 73s-69n-74s-69n-73s-73n-431

Alex Coe, $0 73n-68s-72s-76n-71s-71n-431

Matt Davidson, $0 68s-75n-67s-77n-70s-74n-431

Christopher DeForest, $0 74n-74s-67n-76s-70n-70s-431

Martin Flores, $0 69s-78n-69n-74s-71n-70s-431

Tom Hoge, $0 73s-73n-76n-70s-66n-73s-431

Bronson La'Cassie, $0 76s-76n-67n-68s-71s-73n-431

Troy Merritt, $0 70n-69s-74s-77n-68n-73s-431

Wes Roach, $0 71s-75n-67n-71s-73s-74n-431

Peter Tomasulo, $0 72s-74n-74n-71s-67n-73s-431

Andy Bare, $0 68n-74s-69s-73n-75s-73n-432

Clark Dennis, $0 67n-77s-73s-74n-69n-72s-432

Bob May, $0 70n-71s-68s-72n-78s-73n-432

Shaun Micheel, $0 67n-75s-74s-71n-76s-69n-432

Aaron Watkins, $0 68n-79s-67n-75s-72s-71n-432

Dean Wilson, $0 67n-71s-71s-73n-76s-74n-432

Andy Winings, $0 70n-77s-71n-72s-69n-73s-432

Adam Hadwin, $0 70s-69n-70s-76n-75s-73n-433

Adam Long, $0 72s-69n-70s-76n-70s-76n-433

Robert Streb, $0 73n-78s-63n-77s-67n-75s-433

Josh Broadaway, $0 70n-70s-72s-78n-73n-71s-434

Craig Hocknull, $0 69s-74n-72s-76n-68n-75s-434

Billy Horschel, $0 70n-71s-72s-74n-76s-71n-434

Fernando Mechereffe, $0 73s-71n-71n-75s-69n-75s-434

Martin Piller, $0 75n-73s-70n-74s-66n-76s-434

Darron Stiles, $0 70s-76n-69n-72s-70s-77n-434

Bio Kim, $0 67n-77s-70n-75s-72s-74n-435

Sam Saunders, $0 68n-74s-72s-72n-77s-72n-435

James Love, $0 68n-74s-74s-77n-71n-72s-436

Richard Scott, $0 71s-71n-78s-77n-69n-70s-436

Brady Stockton, $0 71s-72n-69s-79n-72n-73s-436

Brent Witcher, $0 75s-75n-69n-77s-70n-70s-436

Zack Byrd, $0 72s-74n-73n-77s-68n-73s-437

Glen Day, $0 76s-72n-70n-79s-68n-72s-437

Bob Heintz, $0 70n-71s-76s-76n-69n-75s-437

David Lingmerth, $0 69n-75s-70n-78s-71n-74s-437

James Nitties, $0 70s-74n-69n-78s-70n-76s-437

Rich Beem, $0 72s-72n-67n-80s-74n-73s-438

Jimmy Lytle, $0 72n-80s-67n-78s-72n-69s-438

Andy Pope, $0 71s-75n-72n-79s-73n-68s-438

Gator Todd, $0 71s-70n-74s-76n-71n-76s-438

Travis Wadkins, $0 71s-76n-70n-74s-72n-75s-438

Doug Barron, $0 69n-75s-70s-78n-77n-70s-439

Benoit Beisser, $0 74n-76s-72n-74s-71n-72s-439

Dan Buchner, $0 69s-74n-71s-79n-72n-74s-439

Tim Petrovic, $0 73s-80n-72n-72s-68n-74s-439

Guy Boros, $0 71n-74s-73n-76s-72n-74s-440

Paul Claxton, $0 73s-69n-73s-76n-74n-75s-440

Will Dodson, $0 69s-74n-69s-77n-74s-77n-440

Brendan Gielow, $0 73s-74n-74n-71s-75n-73s-440

Matt Hendrix, $0 68n-76s-76n-80s-69n-71s-440

Andrew Johnson, $0 69n-78s-75n-74s-72n-72s-440

Jesse Schutte, $0 69n-74s-74s-78n-70n-75s-440

Scott Sterling, $0 72s-71n-72s-79n-71n-75s-440

Daniel Chopra, $0 70n-74s-71s-76n-73n-77s-441

Brian Duncan, $0 78s-74n-68n-77s-68n-76s-441

Carlos Franco, $0 76s-73n-73n-78s-65n-77s-442

Robert Gamez, $0 73s-77n-73n-73s-71n-75s-442

Matt Harmon, $0 73s-80n-77n-77s-64n-71s-442

Clayton Rask, $0 67n-76s-68s-82n-78n-71s-442

Brian Smock, $0 72n-77s-71n-76s-74n-72s-442

Jeff Corr, $0 71n-76s-71n-72s-75n-78s-443

Jose Toledo, $0 70n-79s-69n-77s-74n-74s-443

Richard T. Lee, $0 76s-78n-70n-75s-77n-68s-444

Len Mattiace, $0 73s-75n-72n-82s-72n-72s-446

Glenn Northcutt, $0 75s-74n-72n-81s-70n-74s-446

Chip Deason, $0 73s-79n-73n-82s-72n-68s-447

Johnny DelPrete, $0 72n-82s-70n-80s-72n-71s-447

Andrew Matthews, $0 76s-76n-69n-76s-72n-78s-447

Jimmy Brandt, $0 73s-74n-72n-79s-74n-77s-449

Mitchell Gillis, $0 75s-73n-75n-77s-72n-77s-449

Scott McCarron, $0 68n-75s-75s-82n-70n-79s-449

Brad Benjamin, $0 70s-79n-73n-76s-77n-75s-450

Brian Prouty, $0 77n-77s-74n-73s-73n-76s-450

Eric Onesi, $0 71n-79s-74n-76s-73n-80s-453

Ty Tryon, $0 78s-70n-71n-81s-78n-76s-454

Sean Shahi, $0 70n-78s-76n-80s-77n-79s-460

Wade Ballard, $0 75n-83s-72n-82s-76n-76s-464

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