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Are you singing Vijay's tune when it comes to Annika Sorenstam's participation in The Colonial ¿ namely that she has her own tour to play on and that you'd rather see her packing her bags come Friday? Or are you more inclined to agree with Tiger, who broke with tradition and actually took a stand on something, saying he thinks Sorenstam should play in not just one, but several PGA Tour events over the next year? Whichever side of the argument you come down on, there's no debating that Sorenstam has sparked more interest in an LPGA player since ... well, pretty much ever. We asked you to weigh in on the subject. Here's a sampling of your responses:
I applaud Annika's decision to take part in the PGA tour, and her first round was remarkable. Singh's remark that she was taking a place from a man was a bit reminiscent of arguments from decades ago about why women shouldn't be given slots at medical schools or law schools. That said, there are differences between the sexes when it comes to sports, and if we made all the tournaments unisex, women would never win, and would be discouraged from participating and acting as role models to younger girls. After all, if Annika can play the men's (tour), isn't it only fair that Vijay can play the next LPGA event?
Kerry M., Key Biscayne, Fla.
Its good for golf. I'm amazed how tour veterans such as Singh and Price can be so incredibly stupid as to not realize where the money in their pockets comes from. "Reeks of publicity". Of course, it all does! Fans, ratings, and publicity are what pays their over-inflated (purses).
Loren H, Athens, Ga.
Yes, she is good for golf. I truly admire her for wanting to match her game against that of men on their own terms. That takes a special courage.
--Tom G., Nacogdoches, Texas
I think it was done purely in the interest of publicity. Does this mean that the men can now enter tournaments on the LPGA tour?
Ray C., Pompano Beach, Fla.
Great for Golf. Why not have the best golfers playing on the same stage. Annika has proven herself as the top woman golfer in the world. Doesn't that make her one of the top players (male or female) in the world? I think so.
Alan L., Eden Prarie, Minn.
I'm not in favor of it, but will accept it. I don't have a problem with her playing in the PGA as long as some of guys that don't make the cut in the PGA can try out for the LPGA tournaments.
Harry S., Carolina Beach, N.C.
I want Annika to do well just to get under some players' skin. She belongs there just because some of the men don't want her there. At the same time, I think a high-profile co-ed tour may be a better solution. I have to wonder how the LPGA members are going to feel when the men try to impose on the LPGA purse.
Dee W., Lubbock, Texas
If the male players in the PGA have a problem with Annika, I think they should have considered joining a more 'manly' professional sport organization like the NFL or NHL. I truly hope Annika does extremely well.
Andrew Z., Belford, N.J.
It's more media garbage. The old, overdone Tiger Woods junk isn't selling, so they throw in the current trend of the Amazon Head-butting vs. the males that is permeating every part of the entertainment business.
Brandon W., Grapeview, Wash.
The next sponsors exemption should be for a golfing monkey, because that would be another nice publicity stunt, which is what this is.
J.D. O., Hoboken, N.J.
I think it''s great! She's the No. 1 woman player in the world, why shouldn't she test her skills against the men? She has just as good a chance as anyone of winning. Good for her! Go Annika! And to all those men who don't think she belongs -- go crawl back under your rocks.
Paul C., Fullerton, Ca.
GOLF G - Gentlemen O - Only L - Ladies F - Forbidden The term GOLF originated in early Scotland it at the time the sign read Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden - So taking the first letters of each word they came up with the name for the game GOLF
R. Scott, Vicksburg, Miss.
She has forgotten all the ladies before her that played and fought for the L.P.G.A to have a respectable tour and money on it. She is only seeing the dollars her group wants to share in, and not the good of the LPGA.
Donald C., Santa Paula, Ca.
Being female, you would probably think I would have a different opinion, but... what's the deal? We have men's & women's pro golf tours. Would the women want the men playing in their tour? I think not. Personally I hope she doesn't make the cut. She needs to stay where she belongs. I'm 100% behind Vijay (Singj), all the way. I don't think he owes anyone any apologies. I'll bet if the truth were known, all of the male players feel that way, they just didn't want to take the heat that Vijay is getting.
Gaye I., Paducah, Ky.

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