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World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691843 Summer Oasis Summer+Oasis World

Easter is over and finally it seems the UK is enjoying some sun. Which Premier League team will be the first egg to crack in the summer transfer market? Liverpool feature heavily in this week’s redux, as they get their list together for some window shopping. There are some familiar faces this week, but that can only be good, right? It seems some of these rumors have some weight. This time out we have Manchester’s very own Oasis to help you along the rumor redux spring gossip trail. -
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691836 Gareth Bale, M, Tottenham Gareth+Bale%2C+M%2C+Tottenham World

RUMOR: Tottenham to Real Madrid

One of the most talked about talents in world soccer, Gareth Bale will probably move on to bigger and better things, eventually. I feel that this deal may come a year too early and is probably dependent on where Tottenham finish in the Premier League. If Tottenham guarantee Bale Champions League soccer then he will stay and expect to push for the title next year. If they miss out, who knows, he may just look for the big move many have predicted. Spurs will be pleading to Bale, ‘Don’t Go Away’.

Paul Childs - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691835 Andre Villas-Boas, manager, Tottenham Andre+Villas-Boas%2C+manager%2C+Tottenham World

RUMOR: Tottenham to Real Madrid

If Andre Villas-Boas believes in his own ability, then Real Madrid can wait. It makes sense from Madrid’s perspective. Villas-Boas, who has proven his critics wrong, would be the young, talented manager they are looking for. He could build a dynasty! On a personal level, Villas-Boas needs a few more seasons for any club to take him seriously. Villas-Boas has never stayed at one club more than a full season, so he will have to remain in ‘The Cage’, for now.

Andrew Couldridge - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691834 Micah Richards, D, Manchester City Micah+Richards%2C+D%2C+Manchester+City World

RUMOR: Manchester City to Liverpool
LIKELIHOOD: A real possibility

Micah Richards has been blighted by injury and loss of form this season. He was man of the match in Man City’s famous 6-1 drubbing of United on their own patch last season. Not afraid of going forward, he also ended the year as the defender with the joint most assists in the Premier League. If Manchester City can keep him fit, it would seem silly to let him leave the club. With City set to spend again in the summer, Richards may not have a place in the squad. Liverpool’s offer to play him in his favoured center-back position might just persuade Richards to jump ship. Richards, ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’.

Jason Cairnduff - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691838 Mario Gotze, M, Borussia Dortmund Mario+Gotze%2C+M%2C+Borussia+Dortmund World

RUMOR: Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City
LIKELIHOOD: Makes sense

Roberto Mancini seems to be getting frustrated at Samir Nasri’s on/off form. Awful one week and world beater the next, he is a wasted talent. Mario Gotze could be Mancini’s perfect answer. Gotze has been consistently brilliant for the emerging Dortmund. His partnership with Marco Reus is one of the most feared attacking pairings in world soccer. Gotze has 16 goals so far this season compared to Nasri’s three – it seems Nasri ‘Ain’t Got Nothing’ on Gotze. Mancini needs somebody to add goals when his array of strikers misfire.

Felix Ordonez - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691837 Radamel Falcao, F, Atletico Madrid Radamel+Falcao%2C+F%2C+Atletico+Madrid World

RUMOR: Atletico Madrid to Manchester United
LIKELIHOOD: Who knows?!

It seems the rumors never stop with this guy! Whatever happens, one thing is for sure, Falcao will go somewhere. It is down to who will break the bank to pay for him and who needs a striker like Falcao (everyone). Manchester United is the latest in a long line of clubs linked to the prolific striker (probably the only top club left). The Columbian has scored 30 goals so far this season and continues to amaze fans and pundits alike. He will have the pick of the bunch, which doesn’t act as a good ‘Headshrinker’. I’m afraid your guess is as good as mine on this one…

Javier Barbancho - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691839 Diego Capel, M, Sporting Lisbon Diego+Capel%2C+M%2C+Sporting+Lisbon World

RUMOR: Sporting Lisbon to Liverpool

Liverpool needs a winger and Diego Capel seems to fit the bill. When Diego Capel was at Sevilla he was tipped for huge things. Now plying his trade in Portugal for Lisbon, he seems to be having a second wind. Capped at all levels of Spanish soccer, Capel would fit in with Rodgers’ Liverpool philosophy and desire for flair. He could add the extra quality the Reds are looking for. Capel may just get that ‘Sunday Morning Call’ from Brendan Rodgers.

Marcos Borga - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691844 Laurent Koscielny, D, Arsenal Laurent+Koscielny%2C+D%2C+Arsenal World

RUMOR: Arsenal to Bayern Munich

Arsenal have been poor defensively this season, however, their one shining light has been the no-nonsense approach of Laurent Koscielny. The Gunners would be reluctant to get rid of their French international defender. If Bayern were to win the Champions League, the lure could be too much. We have seen on countless occasions what player power can do and if Arsenal are to hang on to their better players they will need to up their game in the league. If Koscielny does leave, he may have to ‘Slide Away’.

Alan Walter - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691840 Ashley Williams, D, Swansea City Ashley+Williams%2C+D%2C+Swansea+City World

RUMOR: Swansea to Liverpool
LIKELIHOOD: If not, Arsenal.

I think Ashley Williams will be on the move this summer. Swansea has done brilliantly to stay in the Premier League, consolidate, win a major cup and now be preparing for Europa League football next season. The lure of a big club or Champions League football will still be too much for at least one player to resist again this summer. We saw it with Joe Allen last year and now we could be witnessing the same scenario this year. In my opinion, Williams will be the sacrifice to enable Laudrup to re-build his squad and ‘Soldier On’.

Andrew Couldridge - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691841 Raphael Varane, D, Real Madrid Raphael+Varane%2C+D%2C+Real+Madrid World

RUMOR: Real Madrid to Manchester United
LIKELIHOOD: No chance.

Manchester United has an amazing wealth of central defenders and none likely to leave in the summer transfer window. I am sure they will be monitoring the development of young Raphael Varane, but is it realistic? He will probably be ‘Married With Kids’ by the time he considers his future. Varane has become a mainstay of the Madrid team and it would take a monumental offer for Real Madrid to consider. Remember, Manchester United is a selling club after the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo and they don’t seem to possess the same pulling power as Real or Barca. Can they tempt one of Madrid’s hottest prospects to Old Trafford? Not a prayer

Juan Medina - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 43 Football/Soccer Transfer Rumors: April 15 - 21 31691842 Toby Alderweireld, D, Ajax Toby+Alderweireld%2C+D%2C+Ajax World

RUMOR: Ajax to Liverpool
LIKELIHOOD: Seems a good fit

Toby Alderweireld can play anywhere along the back line and is a big ‘Force Of Nature’ at the back for Ajax. Belgium seems to be the emerging nation in terms of young, exciting talent and Alderweireld seems to be no different. He has experience in the Champions League and at International level. Ajax play good, attacking football and his transition to Liverpool’s play would be seamless. Only time will tell on this one.

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