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World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31457945 Waiting for the big one Waiting+for+the+big+one World

The transfer window is just about at the halfway point and it’s fair to say activity has failed to fully ignite as the clock ticks down towards February. Alexandre Pato, Demba Ba, Daniel Sturridge and Joe Cole are some of the big names to have flown the nest for new pastures, but the really big one has evaded us so far. So, as the snow starts to hit England we thought we’d heat things up with one of the finest bands to come out of Canada. We’ve peppered ten tracks from the magnificent Arcade Fire into the mix of gossip and rumors. Bring on their new album at the end of the year, we say!

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World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31533765 Radamel Falcao, F, Atletico Madrid Radamel+Falcao%2C+F%2C+Atletico+Madrid World

Rumor: PSG

Likelihood: A possibility but a long way to go yet


Falcao has been talking about his options this week and one of them is Paris Saint-Germain. His comments have had the press pack falling over themselves to say the Colombian hotshot will snub Chelsea and move to a fancy neighborhood in the French capital when the time is right. But what has he said? Here’s a summary: 1. He likes France 2. He has been to France before 3. PSG has a lot of money 4. It’s not impossible he could join PSG 5. Ibrahimovic is fantastic. Put together, he sounds keen but he’s simply playing the PR game and ensuring he doesn’t insult anyone. Plenty of things can happen before Atletico and Falcao make up their minds.

(Photo credit should read PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images) - Getty Images
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31532516 Wilfried Zaha, F, Crystal Palace Wilfried+Zaha%2C+F%2C+Crystal+Palace World

Rumor: Manchester United

Likelihood:This one is virtually in the bag


Last week a mysterious tweet appeared purportedly from talented Eagles winger Zaha which claimed “looks like I'm on my way to the top of the premier league.” Unless he was talking about Celtic this could only mean one thing – Manchester United. However, the tweet was later deleted and then Zaha came out to say that he hadn’t sent it. Sky have been talking about a hoax but despite the intervention we are firmly in the camp that this is a done deal despite late interest from Arsenal.

(Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images) - Getty Images
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31533760 Wesley Sneijder, M, Inter Milan Wesley+Sneijder%2C+M%2C+Inter+Milan World

Rumor: Liverpool
Likelihood: Wages could be a problem

There’s one thing the Rumor Redux elders are sure about when it comes to Wesley Sneijder. He will not be joining Galatasaray, who have given him 24 hours to make a decision. That was Saturday and today is Monday – and there still hasn’t been an answer. Throw it in our faces if you like if he moves to Turkey in the next couple of weeks but we think the diminutive Dutchman is holding out for a move to England.


Over the weekend, Liverpool were linked with Sneijder, who has already had spells in Spain, Italy and his native Netherlands so a new adventure in the Premier League seems to make sense. He has reportedly told his agent to sort out a move but the sticking point is obviously his astronomical wages. One thing’s for sure: If Wes wants to wake up a Premier League player in January he’s going to have to reduce his demands otherwise he can forget Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham and the rest…

(Photo credit should read TOUSSAINT KLUITERS/AFP/Getty Images) - Getty Images
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31533762 Mario Balotelli, F, Manchester City Mario+Balotelli%2C+F%2C+Manchester+City World

Rumor: AC Milan

Likelihood: Only if City are offered a world-beater


The ocean of noise surrounding the future of Mario Balotelli shows no sign of diminishing thanks to an astonishing training-ground bust-up with manager Roberto Mancini. Despite AC Milan owner branding Balo a “rotten apple,” City are still expecting the Italian giants to make a £24million bid for the controversial Italian. Milan are hoping to get rid of Robinho and see Balotelli as an ideal replacement even if they have understandable reservations about his behavior. City will only sell Balotelli if someone better comes along and at the moment that’s a long way off.

Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Jason Cairnduff - USA TODAY Sports
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31533761 Luka Modric, M, Real Madrid Luka+Modric%2C+M%2C+Real+Madrid World

Rumor: Chelsea

Likelihood: We think he’ll come good at the Bernabeu


It hasn’t been the best of starts to Modric’s time in Spain. The Croatian has been spending too much time on the bench although he was given a rare start against Osasuna at the weekend. The result? A 0-0 draw against La Liga’s bottom side. Mesut Ozil has been preferred in the playmaker role hitherto, and Modric’s performance will have done little to persuade Jose Mourinho to change his mind any time soon. Of course, Chelsea failed in their bid to sign Modric from Tottenham two years ago and are now keen to reignite their interest, although they are looking at a summer signing and not a winter warmer. Come the month of May will Modric start thinking about a move to the Bridge? We think Modric still wants to prove himself in Madrid and he will get his chance eventually.

(Photo by Angel Martinez/Real Madrid via Getty Images) - Getty Images
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31533763 Frank Lampard, M, Chelsea Frank+Lampard%2C+M%2C+Chelsea World

Rumor: Fiorentina

Likelihood: Not happening



This is one of the more unlikely rumors to be circulating the gossip circuit and in our view belongs firmly in the back seat. Viola manager Vincenzo Montella says he would love to work with ‘Lamps,’ who is out of contract at the end of the season but has been free to speak to other clubs since the transfer window reopened this month. Fiorentina’s admiration for the 34-year-old midfielder is hardly a game-breaker. Montella said: “If he accepted the bench every now and again, he'd be useful to us.” Lampard will look elsewhere.

Mandatory Credit: Action Images / Jason Cairnduff - Action Images/Reuters
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31533766 Theo Walcott, F, Arsenal Theo+Walcott%2C+F%2C+Arsenal World

Rumor: Staying at Arsenal

Likelihood: Almost certain


The smile on Arsene Wenger’s face says it all when he talks about Walcott. We used to wait for the day that Walcott announced he would be joining the Arsenal exodus, but now Wenger is becoming increasingly optimistic that Walcott will stay at the Emirates. His words are analyzed on a daily basis but everyone seems to be reaching the same conclusion. Walcott will sign a new long-term deal with the Gunners, although judging by his performance against Manchester City during which he touched the ball 18 times – five more than Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who was taken off after just 12 minutes – you kind of wonder what all the fuss is about.

(Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images) - Getty Images
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31532517 Leandro Damiao, F, Internacional Leandro+Damiao%2C+F%2C+Internacional World

Rumor: Tottenham

Likelihood: When is this going to end??


If there is one saga that never seems to end it’s the wasted hours of the ‘Leandro Damiao linked with Spurs’ rumor which usually starts to surface a couple of months before the opening of the transfer windows. January has been no different, and we expect the same outcome as all the rest – nothing. Firstly, Damiao himself said he was “only thinking about Internacional” which was followed a day later by Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas saying it was “unlikely he will play for Tottenham.” One thing is almost certain though: We expect the Brazilian to be linked with White Hart Lane in the summer.

(Photo by Alexandro Auler/LatinContent/Getty Images) -
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31533764 Fabricio Coloccini, D, Newcastle Fabricio+Coloccini%2C+D%2C+Newcastle World

Rumor: Going home to Argentina

Likelihood: The signs aren't good for Toon


The wheels look to have come off at Newcastle. Fresh after losing star striker Demba Ba to Chelsea a new rebellion has emerged with the news that captain Coloccini wants to return to his native Argentina for “personal reasons.” Coloccini signed a four-year deal last season so Newcastle will be reluctant to rip up his contract and allow him to join San Lorenzo for nothing. If the matter can be resolved we think Coloccini will stay but that seems unlikely so a homecoming is in the cards.

(Photo credit should read IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images) - Getty Images
World 2018 2100 Soccer transfer rumors: January 14 - 20 31533767 Yann M'vila, M, Rennes Yann+M%27vila%2C+M%2C+Rennes World

Rumor: QPR

Likelihood: Good chance


M’Vila is bad, very bad – but he could be just the man to replace Joey Barton, who as we all know is speaking English in a cod French accent in Marseille these days. M’Vila has been banned from playing for France until 2014 because of a broken curfew and was arrested last year for punching a 17-year-old boy, but that hasn’t dampened Harry Redknapp’s determination to sign the Rennes midfielder, who wants to play in the Premier League. Harry flew out to see M’Vila play in the 2-0 home defeat on the same day that QPR drew with Tottenham. QPR are close to Rennes’ asking price so keep the car running gents, this one looks a goer.

(Photo credit should read DAMIEN MEYER/AFP/Getty Images) - Getty Images
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