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Arsene Wenger has dismissed claims that Arsenal are in negotiations to sign Fulham striker Dimitar Berbatov


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We didn't seconds and you also he event was created. And then sidelined. Just when nick has been on the -- told Austin think it's increasingly more crowded than to attack as he joined them instead. Let's leave it generally tracks so we've got to face up the opportunity to buy it put it. -- it. And apparently the couple would have won in mind influence to the top of itself well at least of -- Giants in 98 date when he welcomed him on -- -- But then quickly to -- the tweaked. Or prove that you look he's not a name that you have the -- -- at the moment. You know via. We have not given to it being out on the -- ma could you include tucked today and put you on TV and we I would informed about pin number. -- informed about sentinel who is where it -- he's back in training know who make and she's enough to man and I must contreras. Got quite a streak to. While he remains KT on types of business think it will have to struggle through this weekend they cut that down time I was told -- helps us with diminished options. Q -- -- Aaron Ramsey and missed it doesn't have all been moved out. And Didier -- ankle may have recovered in time but for which has since taken sake and then has an ankle we'll see him out for a number of weeks. It is frustrating. But you have to do respect and it is disappointing news -- -- For him because he did. Go through a tough time. And he continued to. Assistant. In these two to two World Cup and just recently found the -- that we live. And to be swayed to regain hoping to not before long time. Think it would just have to hope he has another unexpected heroes in his squad to beat the wind. When Oscar playing Northampton rivals because in the pay cut until today.

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