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Has Luis Suarez finally put his troubles behind him, or are there more antics to come from the striker?


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Happy times for your eye and say he's finally -- his troubles behind and you think I had such that we have a rooms and more mature -- a -- Hussein Brennaman is really stick by. A lot most geniuses Eric Burnham does is put his arm around him one on one person that's what you used to have as I could. Because I had a good you really grown to love Octavia. Since before this guy you'll on the shot did you on the watch tennis and these fighters. Is a fantastic player but he's a flawed -- and being added to your sand that he's not gonna do it again I just think yeah I. Look stupid is as stupid does and that is not a Smart man he is done so many things that we can just look getting -- are you kidding you bite somebody twice. Yeah I -- I thought it was gonna slap that little girl the other day I don't trust him I mean if Brendan Rodgers trusts them. Fantastic we like that we're gonna have another crazy moment with this guy and it's just a matter of time let's say about the diving world. -- -- all of the controversy no speeding. Punching slapping -- c'mon you mean. Fatal senate Porter and happier a timeout is that what's next to me really. He knows how important is he said that Tom I think you learn from his mistakes but I know it's funny I. Fourteen times more.

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