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PSG head coach Laurent Blanc was pleased with star forward Zlatan Ibrahimovic's response for his club side after missing out on the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


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That is you issue and that's -- is probably true we will slots any agreement based us feel disappointed about missing out on the World Cup. However he is a -- compare itself and when he comes back -- one competition as you may have seen it tonight he's hit it he wants to win. He expresses himself on the pitch he wants to school and ended the game he does just that -- We knew he was ready and focused which is a good thing because you're older how important he is live in the squads. Recruits -- -- don't -- the people who. I have experienced such a successful spell the end of my time with both are you there -- times in football when you always feel like nothing can happen CE. I don't -- too much you can feel that the players are in control -- full of confidence from an individual points of beauty but doesn't seem as well. As a result the group is doing so well that you can implement new play is -- just starting eleventh and you can -- some -- players -- -- so we're starting games. The beauty of that is the teams stay competitive -- perform well. We must appreciate such a period as a coach as there -- times -- -- do exactly the same job and you can't understand why you are -- to win. That's the truth. Hit. It's it's.

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