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PSG head manager, Laurent Blanc, says he has been looking foward to their Ligue 1 match on Saturday against a Nice side that has relied on their youth which has produced a good style of play.


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And secure one of you -- them on the podium -- November is a difficult period everyone. The -- of Paris and all of the media is waiting for it and do everything to put pressure or less this happens often. But November is difficult for everyone for us to the highest with the pitches they get a little bit more slippery. Physically it's also a difficult part of the season hopefully it will go well for us in any way out is to win that's what we have today. And -- -- me that would be. Good too easy. Quote well and these top back ups and downs like all teams. But I think he's compact bet he would not a not a high expectations of this team and they come to play him. He has done a very good job with young players. Who give us an open game I prefer that. Wouldn't consider him an excuse and it's. -- -- -- -- have been on -- -- good information you'd be much we hope. -- -- We -- thirteen defending well honestly can't win games Oden draws. And I think this is that they know come full of ambition and that was sent out on the pitch on Saturday. And keep you know he's human -- -- didn't cost him.

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