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Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, still has not gotten use to the absence of Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, as his side prepares to visit Old Trafford for the Premier League on Sunday for the first time since the former manager's retirement.


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TO 180 traffic used to be synonymous with two things. Alex Ferguson and losing. But this season it's only changed. Understated Maurice -- -- topic sits only two wins in five home games and makes they have high flying -- snow. And it seems as though united fans aren't the only one struggling to comprehend -- absence. Tremendous person you can view because in the last seventeen years. It was a case and yes it could you beat the strange industry its two road who to say what's the difference. For us and you know I have not played against man united. You need to do you David -- is is -- Great competence that two and trying to. We do you. Get the grip on my in nineteen. However strange it may be for the visiting manager -- thank you had to know that he's departure was signal the end to another era. Also having one of the stadium since 2006. Suffering eight defeats in nine outings conceding 22 goals in the princess. We have yet -- -- -- -- their way to do it profit. And recently yes you have not -- so -- And you can so that's a good to continue to shall bet that. We have improved and -- we can. Between them but solo all the talk at least -- between the game it's too long of the benchmarks of the season. Wager. -- Post when your line. Think we'll be looking to take it step concepts to suspending another long standing record with a win next weekend's. You want to improve upon his fight pointed -- at the top of the -- boat and then another getting nearer to ending his club's east GA trophy drought.

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