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  1. the reds1:54
  2. Celtics0:02, 1:09, 1:53
  3. UEFA cup1:49
  4. school students0:19
  5. Lawrence1:07
  6. Giants0:43

Current Video:Ajax v Celtic UEFA Champions League Highlights 11/06/13|

Check out all of Wednesday’s Champions League action between Ajax and Celtic.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Celtics win against diet supplement state three -- like the -- side to that list at the -- Two UEFA champions league campaign. And it ends with. Can step up and take it it's a little wet out some cool stuff. Is school students did -- say. The benefit through that they had done to -- any school in the streets stakes it was -- sit. Space on the right hand -- that then he gets it and pulled it and it hit this well that way again -- great examples that. It's tonight's -- is yet to help us. Giants -- on the receiving. Eight. And that it's not something minutes -- day. And finally I accepted. He school and they -- so they sit on that statement made at school what could be applied so golden met staple. It's -- this guy today. It's Lawrence. Feasible that to stay Celtics haven't created many opportunities and that's the best they can't say well. Illustrates that difficulty grid begins its innocent taking his this eighth that you make. He can still to keep it. Time to answer it isn't up -- -- night it was a. Veteran fits in the book David -- well. -- difficulty that day. Is it good obviously they've done and counseling eagle and a and a hitter is out -- -- -- And it's debts will be nearly that negate the old doubtful riots. Last night that they lost -- -- game in UEFA cup competition. That the victory. Made some superb Celtics. Took the reds eight predates.

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