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Current Video:Rodgers knew that Suarez was not leaving Liverpool|

Brendan Rodgers says there was never any chance of Luis Suarez leaving Liverpool for Arsenal in the summer ahead of their Premier League meeting on Saturday at the Emirates.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Say that the premier league's early pace so it is got to pet to have this weekend -- won't play in particular aiming to continue his rich scoring form. They could have been a very different story for Luis Suarez as his -- who -- taken a couple of tried to sign him in the clay season. So -- -- travel to the emirates stadium to take on league leaders Arsenal. A manager Brendan Rodgers says he was never in doubt which ship the Uruguayan will be pulling on the south today. It was something that was never going to happen you know I expect more emotional blow to. To me to buy a player whose quality. He's only instructors in the -- prefer us in the institution that we are. The sooner or abilities terrible compared to them. And one. Of them so that was very strongly from that often does a great credit to the -- and from the leadership with a club that stood by. Well my -- was as a manager and Mississippi constantly. Meanwhile Roger is offered his congratulations to Liverpool owner John Henry on Thursday after his Boston Red Sox want baseball's World Series. Despite the reds boss saying it may take time to emulate that success across the pond -- did it admits the pressure to succeed is a waste that. We want to build their challenge and then financial hit us with a proposal going. And hopefully never -- -- away from the you know I expected to will always be here not something that we relations from the we're looking forward to. Feel for -- and I'm proud to succeed. Arsenal could make it nine unbeaten league games that big tree on Saturday while the Bulls strike you out Suarez and Daniel storage would look to build a mathematical partnership. That starts tops the league's goal scoring chance with eight this term and Suarez is not six in four outings as well as -- in his last two trips to las no.

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