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Current Video:Marseille v Napoli UEFA Champions League Highlights 10/22/13|

Check out all of Tuesday's Champions League action between Marseille and Napoli.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Seasons Frenchman has not say that incentive that that's state points of the season against him Japanese night. -- the lost the last time outs. They even think about it on there today. Hits the side and take that principles is inside the step penetrate the that was what -- Rippled the net that side of the place. When it's played in -- will help night. That may or may not. Get opportunity today. Do you worry that it's not perhaps on the counter attack it a little late and they added to what they did. He played at the -- it's always let it -- eight. The heat of the guarantee to school that -- what and sitting out but -- playing. This signals the night's. The intensity. Is the limit that's not good with people as well well they say. Beyond. -- an indefinite sit back and you are right now. And you have to say it's what they -- is that it offense in which they have dominates it. So the challenge on the exit penalty area negatives. That McMillan. It fits -- -- its -- and and the event so that's that. On that killed in -- look cool and up the steps to cheat with a goat. Their weight and date Chip Ganassi loan that excellent against Arsenal it compliments they will have a and they put another back from a good day. On the stick with. -- -- his day we have is that the inaugural tournament in 93. Scouts did a hillside that they've got it. And athletic they globe but hopefully it's the what -- they say it's.

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