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Current Video:Roma, Napoli battle on Friday for top spot in Serie A|

Roma, who sit on top of the Serie A table, recieve a Napoli side, determined to knock the current leaders.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The top two sides in -- head to head on Friday as the heady pass of the Syria supremacy continues yeah. You deserve -- face Napoli in the -- capstone but if the strings also relates campaign. Both teams are under new management grimace French coach -- Garcia guiding his -- seven wins himself and in the elite conceding just a single goal in the process. We need cardiac. Many editorial. Just enjoy it and authorities. The good and that he didn't. As authorities said -- -- -- did that very many experienced manager says we should help to get these vendors have won six matches and drawn one and getting ready room I have not only as well yeah it was this. Are tomorrow's match isn't a match between Rafa Benitez and Rudy Garcia has got to match is between -- and -- -- -- nothing more. But not only in -- led by former Chelsea intend Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez. He too has made a decent start with his size city except conducts dropping just two point 65. But editors at the Eddie running alongside defending champion Juventus. Benitez doesn't see this not just the Titans signed death. You -- opinion about the depth in -- moment don't think you have shall I believe that every match is different. If we managed to win until we -- once again prove us strength -- up. But as I say it'll be the championship is an engineer his rights to seek a win -- Macias gets a little bit closer to McCorkle would definitely not going to be winning -- -- to -- -- or -- it. The same goes if we lose or draw tomorrow -- company until -- can -- the money. -- events has not seen action until Sunday but women in -- -- think they're tied for the lead by a single point.

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