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US Soccer Federation President Sunil Gulati says that World Cup bid procedures must be changed by FIFA before US Soccer considers a bid for the 2026 World Cup.


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And the rules should be changed and should be made stronger and that's part of the normal process I think that will happen some things -- party started to happen you've seen number of changes happening -- And that we don't know what those rules are and what the rationale is for making decisions. Before you get into a game into a contest and went through when you wanna with the rules -- and I think that's that's a fair. Their -- on the part of any participant. Well there was this big expectation that it was going to be news comings I don't know want people expected I think absolutely the right decision got made. Not there where you know hundred journalists there many of them from the UK they're expecting some other news I'm not sure you know. The right PR was the best decision for the game opens hasn't yet you know and that's how much this week. Well it was respect -- -- said that they said -- what was asked today was that they would wait for a request. But in the end at the right decisions been made. Alternatively nine years before which is longer than any World Cup's have been seated before you don't know the exact dates so. Decisions and he got -- in -- December 2 when he can now we're saying is the next twelve to eighteen months. The decision we made on the best time to play that World Cup. So they may still seven or eight years prior to the World Cup being played which is the same sort of timetable you had the last dozen.

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