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Current Video:Is Gus Poyet the right man for the job at Sunderland?|

Gus Poyet has been named the new manager at Sunderland, but is he the right man to lead the Black Cats away from relegation?


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Eric -- -- have been telegraphed for quite some time out but isn't the right move for Sunderland you know I actually have a good feel about this I'm not. Particularly sure exactly why we don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is a lot of information but he's already seen the energy of these players up. He'll be an immediate reaction. I guess what is the two year contract which means it's one near 360 Hornish -- -- -- that yeah. -- have any adult goal but I I really have a good feeling about. I don't know I mean we'll see we'll see how this all works out. You know like you mentioned. It's really gonna come down to I think the initial few games and -- under 48 because that's when you get a bump up from the players were there showing their energy in there really. Know they're out there fighting for their jobs are fighting for the new Towson wanted to impress so. We'll know right off the back if they don't get good results then it could be just a downhill slide. This is the right move for quiet -- -- his first job in the primary and it's not really the easiest one to take over or not not that. Yes every every coach has a dream and -- he's in the Premier League from that aspect but it's going to be tough. Is going to be very difficult as you start out with the team means going into eighteen that's is not good. One point act like careful what you wish for it here we go ahead.

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