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Current Video:Who needs to step up for the USA with Dempsey and Bradley absent?|

Eric Wynalda and Cobi Jones discuss which USA players need to step up and lead the team in the absence of captain Clint Dempsey and playmaker Michael Bradley.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome to fox soccer daily web exclusive today we are talking all about the US are gonna be without Clint Dempsey and Michael Bradley for their upcoming World Cup qualifying games of course. They've already qualified for the World Cup but who needs to step up -- For me it's Kyle backer man with. Sitting in -- central positions going to be very important closing up the spaces that you should the passing lanes. You know that. Other teams can't get behind the defense that's going to be very important recommends gonna have to bring that energy you know if he's out -- -- starting. He impress a lot of people he really did in the gold cup I thought his performance was fantastic and although it just the out of hasn't scored yet for his club team. -- say it's a golf did you go figure out his he's just find his feet somehow did -- get a goal line no I mean it really has any any hasn't Giguere got a really have very difficult game so sometimes until this better than most I guess. We come back into place your country against a lesser opponent. He gets some goal is to get some confidence in the knees are playing well for club and country so I'll go Joseph so that's kind of personal what I was up courses personally -- you know it looked at forwards are weird people. Really nobody in there. Yeah yeah yeah you have to be a little bit of a narcissistic jerk sometimes and that's that they don't go out I guess bastard now I call myself a narcissistic sure. -- an indicator as there is that there ever want to think that not to. I would -- quiet for these two games they've already qualified dinner think that they would really mean anything but now they do because that counts towards keep us eating how does this change how they approach. Documented how the explanation has fifa has decided that there's going to be a calculated -- -- perform -- -- spent this -- an opinion anymore who comes in the top -- if the United States. He'll get to good results and there's some slip also Columbia may be Belgium are way. We could end up we could end up being in the al-Qaeda being being a seeded team and woke -- say means everything. You we got to put our of our best before we have to put our best team -- field. Yeah usually this is the time where's the best players usually take a break you send. Kind of like the B team out there by now you can't do that anymore at the whole qualifying process very important this also affects corner of the club teams as well this those. Best players that you thought would be back with their club now they got to go to for country and they got to try to fight to get that -- generous it. And I will see you whether or not they are were ready and I thought hey I was hitting in the US he's worthy so much for joining us make sure you join us for fox soccer daily everyday at 3:30 PM eastern who can.

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