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It's been the worst start to a league season for 24 years at Manchester United, but manager David Moyes is confident he can turn the club around, with the help of his players.


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Off to their worst start to a league campaign to 24 years Manchester United had a fixture on some today that will surely give back funds hype. The Premier League champions face aside they haven't lost two in 22 games without a manager and sit bought some of the table. Sunderland has united the stadium of light and -- manager David mores is confident his team can turn things around I think it's a good -- much as she makes it. Shooting the you know the -- and I -- Jovan dad. So Alex was probably about process as well let them be who comes and and you jovial and as you -- on you. You learn things you go and -- it I'm -- in well for ten. Already knew. That was common -- -- really good players and it. But it won't have difficult times as well. United 612 in the ankle and should they lose to -- and don't have lost three how many games in arrive for the first time in twelve years. That's a long way to learn from him -- long season and there. We've seen great changes is it the season is on some. We bring in yet. Get yourself as close at all this in his account. Up to Sunderland Moises manned the get a run of four straight home games in a tight -- stock -- Southampton next weekend.

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