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Watch all of Wednesday's Champions League action between Juventus and Galatasaray.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- I -- on a bye for the finalists last season but looking for that first win this year. Pistons. -- and what. But he -- chase these do get into places that would give that a joke doesn't get that brilliantly done by Didier -- I'm Galatasaray right strike for us. The techies champions lead into rip his throat but he has got the goal. Schultz who really dangerous delivery into that excellent defender who can -- to right. And that's just growth target. You know threatening. He's -- but I saw it. -- line. And they stretched. Through the sensibility. That with -- flawless tennis to hide. Good points and get down. -- that it could be subject. That you wouldn't wilt when he ran out and goes down under the tentative evidence that the penalty. The preakness has voted to the spot that nobody wants up on another. Who rooted out guys but I was at the penalty -- -- -- but never. It was apparently won't -- twelve minutes to go out. Well -- what it's definitely into the path of the and I. Went to two in the middle and -- picked up. In his -- But I -- who earlier that lately with three minutes ago. Like all the right call it's good to put. That response from Canada by the left behind but just a minute. In two games out but put it out this sort of pulled it through -- went to school.

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