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Leander Schaerlaeckens says Manchester United boss David Moyes must be given the necessary time to fill the gigantic shoes of Sir Alex Ferguson.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I am in Charlotte and columnist for fox soccer were few and since that -- and always -- Manchester United. And there's a sense of panic around Manchester United fans. That he is not doing as well as perhaps they hope it's as he succeeding sir Alex Ferguson -- legend of course. United played five games in the league so far they've only won two and it dropped what. They're one champions league game was very convincing against by reliever who's however. They generally I think he has fallen far short of what expectations of him more so far. That's not entirely fair I would say. Ferguson when he came to united 1986. It took -- until in 199293. Season before he's one of the leak. Which is to say that even the biggest jobs you can't expect a manager community win straightaway. That's especially the case that -- he inherited a squad that need to have a lot of work. Certainly it's not a bad one Ferguson came in and an 86 he had a lot more buildings. But nevertheless. Boys and Harrison aging squad. That needed patching in -- field which is hard to deuce and he had trouble recruiting the proper players. That hasn't all defense and that hasn't an established hierarchy upfront. -- Wayne Rooney sort of unclear about where he's gonna play and whether he was gonna be at the club at all. Which is to say it is far too soon to panic about -- C united this season the man needs time and maybe they won't win the league this year. It matches united is -- club built and predicated on patience and that's the only way that anybody is gonna have success over the long run. By being given that time and the space to do their work. Just as Alex Ferguson was.

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