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Current Video:Liverpool managing director Ayre discusses Suarez's return|

FOX Soccer Daily talks with Ian Ayre about Luis Suarez's return to Liverpool in the Premier League, and the crew breaks down his role with the team.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And fantastic in -- them. You know thoroughly said -- the sale on the pitch off the pace of these that says he's a great guy you know he's he's at from him on these very well liked. It's himself himself and his fumbling in his hand and he's you know he's he's been committees -- -- -- strength odds. And in them so that's not been an interior and I think it's always difficult I must have been difficult for him as well in -- If football and they affable and lose a lot of you wanna be on the football pitch and tons of I think he's been talents and he's got through it and and I think as you say is demonstrated last night. For a first game back for some it is now I'm the opposite is is to play in the friendly this season I think you coincidental. Did you ever have anything -- that he -- for you this. Not. You know and I think. I was just talking to some of the AL in that and they -- -- -- probably those who was going in and and I think. Also luck plays out because different clubs of different Neitzel -- -- -- in the transfer window and sometimes people say things. -- -- -- which was his problem negotiating tactic traps to drive the price to -- that -- and so. Now for as many people ask me if he was saying when I said yes that certainly would say that so. You know but we we genuinely always wanted Louis to still early in the season and we want stints continues today is continues to -- should be because he's such a brilliant player you know lately who have ambition Wendell. -- -- selling will be enough gringo and I itself play Islamist trying to sees things. So -- appears Liverpool will open contract talks with Suarez at the end of the season. This keeping the striker depend on champions league qualification now. No I think it's all about they're gonna keep him no matter what -- in -- just said right there with the way I took it is. It's in the best interest of Liverpool that's why ours stays at Liverpool they went in there he's a talent just he has problems on the field but they're willing to deal with that because they know. -- -- of the talent that he is on the pitch and he can take them to the next level Liverpool's tired of being on the outside it's -- offseason how. How hard they held on to hit it -- -- want him to go. But it knocked the here's the problem I have with this -- usually usually when -- Dallas with with Liverpool players they used to be the case for the spice was -- what I'm Robbie Fowler and gang. It was the other 22 hours of the day. That this is the polar opposite this is a player they have to worry about what he does win he plays and you just said he they're willing to tolerated. I don't know I don't get that in there's just kind of talking in circles there is Liverpool football club you can't. Continue to represent the club like and he we will do it again -- -- some --

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