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Current Video:Is United's match against Liverpool a must-win for David Moyes?|

Manchester United are off to their worst start in the league in almost a decade. Is David Moyes to blame?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You're beginning to mount on -- -- the united off to their worst league start almost a decade. The good -- Alex Ferguson won his first -- nearly drowned in a season in which the red Devils had seven points after five matches. But throw Eric it's all about the lead cop is this a must the Winfrey united. Funny people can say that -- it's become -- -- and every game is a big deal every single game as a Manchester United. Manager player fan is going to be a big deal of the pressure. And noises under right now it is it's understandable. It's part of it I think he knew that I think you that way and I think the job is just. He's gonna have to get used to -- because there's not gonna go away it's not everything anymore inspections United's home stands every game as a must when my guy I think his thoughts of for them to bounce. I can sumo rivals I gonna -- that's what Sonics would have gone off the message the face on Sunday against a big rivals when they just got blown a life. Is how they bounce back they did against for Crystal Palace Anaheim result they need to result because this is against a big love was a big concern as to replace and tobacco Suarez does play. Could could handle -- whereas movement kind of do it again.

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