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Current Video:Luis Suarez returns to Liverpool after serving 10-match ban|

How will Luis Suarez impact Liverpool in his return to the club? He is expected to face Manchester United at Old Trafford on Wednesday.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The reds have actually done well in the absence of the year of quiet. Since Suarez join the club Liverpool has a much better win percentage -- a high goals per game average in matches he would -- So warned as far as fit right back into the. This team it does but did okay Brendan yeah dominant minutes. Our main -- really RLS and some of them that Andre is a wonderful wonderful player. There's no doubt about that goes that he is going to take me and they he has the ability to quite a golf from his imagination you say yeah the technique of how they generalize -- He's well cost flat there's not it's a massive massive problems off the field. But live we're made of them tick off the results. Anaheim against offense and what about alleged to have you plan to Garnett so Alex Ferguson used every captain on one of these games against the big rivals and I don't -- things or should play. Yeah I agree with Jimmy look at -- questions -- ability and me what the problem here is he's just not an intelligent man there is keeping me and bit some guy is. His answer is pretty simple in this guy is simple about as simple as you can -- in. In practice that you giggle and NB a little bit little kid because that's what he -- I don't know where the Greenville Alabama of our way is. But I'm I'm guessing that that's what we're deal or this -- this guy as the forced compass -- I am telling you say that it. He had a couple of times when I got from the fact that in and of course -- -- -- -- it's -- Don't know both of you mentioned off the field he's had obviously quite quite a few issues. But how until it up the field -- that Old Trafford it's going to be ridiculous it's into Jets can be that there's always going to be for this guy I mean you did. You can try and help -- you could probably pull him aside and say look this way it's going to be you need to behave yourself. I just over the digits and I I I don't think that he's ever gonna get I mean what he's playing the game he's fine. United fans don't boo bad players salaries -- good plan that very often and he's a top class but that's what I wanna cut. And some -- that expose them on the summoned that I need is that injection in a blunt to keep him gone he's that type of -- well have to see how he chews on being back on the.

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