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Arsene Wenger says that Mesut Ozil's contribution to Arsenal is not a coincidence but a reality.


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When you look at his numbers obviously some not to coincidences just the reality over. A -- game. And that I pretty but once. He'd be competing for great -- few memorable thing about your children do well -- is a great thing. It's not key role do you get a very different to everybody at the top. And for the rest he could be according to follow a team. Work condone what team pay about -- decide that. The only info pushed -- at the moment he's back behind the position where we can focus on. Improvement and in that in -- -- -- violent. So much of the bases for the rest the -- the moment decent. Mathematically everybody's together you know -- board. You make it costs -- but off the would -- make it impossible. The if they don't need him. It's exactly the -- Positive. For a good week for us because we won it in not say yeah we won. In Sunderland do you read today. Soul boy that was a very positive week when you pick in -- you don't expect to -- -- goes from set pieces. And but is -- basically to -- surprise to me today but choices when uncle did you Marreese.

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