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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says there is more to come from new signing Mesut Ozil


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's hit the ground running following his 42 million pounds switch from -- betrayed. -- that says that has been an instant hits is also nothing -- canister back to back victories following last -- taking some the links. That manager also I think it doesn't leave his club record signing that that the debate that less that challenge. He's 24 years or does or fifty caps in Germany. And when you play -- so when you under a lot of pressure would you grade he won the championship these -- elementary. And I don't notice a couple of new worries that a lot of pressure but. I couldn't detect them but to -- demanded to be time to adjust to look. Vigorous. But to China and she's you mean you read fascia. In the primitive once you just don't not to read that'd be even stronger. -- nonsense to aid to improvements make amounts of necessity we've -- midfield now brimming with competition. We cannot -- is in contention for Sunday's visit to study following a funny injury while Matthew Fleming has -- -- thing it's faith. After offering him a second spell out the emirates. I'm Aaron Ramsey has raised eyebrows six goals already this time. Look good rubio squaw peak and look maybe you haven't played is. Four votes she's not. I believe that it -- to get back into the team. And veteran I mean you. What do -- -- their share of games. Q you kind of creativity in his squad. The maximum the -- can -- 70% of the games -- -- so but means there isn't a lot of room for more. May have full field of plays as well enough to grip the right number. And whenever bodies back of course is competition for places. The -- welcomed Stoke City to the emirates on Sunday ticket paying top spots in the -- leak. Free points as well he site because you never take leaders political.

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