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Despite an apparent desire to leave Old Trafford this summer, there was no way Manchester United were letting go of Wayne Rooney according to Bayer Leverkusen manager Sami Hyypia.


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Despite the current designed to lethal trust that this summer there was no way -- to you know to put a team guy with Wayne Freeney. That Stokes has been dictated on cheese steak house strike inspire them to a winning start in the champions league against bottom they pick season. Rooney's brace not 200 goals for his club and contend Sammy hit it signed the faulty defeats. On the political defend debt would investigate its policy which all -- all time record to an awful. -- -- as short facility can score some goals and just. Done it for years already and I think he has. -- fears left. To score two on it goes it's a good achievement. And that's. A few more I scored in my curious. If you look so -- always things. And is that difficult a position to play against them. He showed so today. He's equality that. However every he's performance was overshadowed. On his conduct in -- -- much -- he. Pressed on whether or -- he's genuinely happy actually states that 27 you reacted angrily to the application. Yet coldest time what is going musical traffic's. That's the exit to link this summer sport Hudson did only claims he's for the -- request at the end of last season. On the puck to the uncertainty of what really happens it's Hudson's with the book they've made to find some clarification. Which is she released in October.

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