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Current Video:FC Copenhagen v Juventus UEFA Champions League Highlights 09/17/13|

Relive all of the action from Tuesday's UEFA Champions League match between FC Copenhagen and Juventus.


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It's because that halted the grateful with the best people they even lost one of their last seven UEFA champions league games. Real problems the offense that's. As good an idea. Is that and I'll let it to believe. They just didn't feel we did free -- that did it but yet makes it. -- it you still proud of the defense and they left in the back of sense that. What else you can say yeah had been -- It is honestly because. It goes by 22 and he. Just. Snag that makes it advocate saying. Well reacted that everyone associated that you have to play well. It -- right now. -- -- Another thing that I do is so -- that there's hope for life. Still think that a little bit. Influence of the -- then. It nice not being upbeat today six ballclub. Randy will let go by Betts is good news no way let these coordinated and it should be left in the night beat badly outplay him and Boston's. -- that was once that. The multiples. Offensively what's it looked at the top of the on this season. To lead Kevin Love had a few pitches. This is what bloodied and today it.

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