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Current Video:Manchester United v Bayer Leverkusen UEFA Champions League Highlights 09/17/13|

Relive all of Tuesday's UEFA Champions League action as Manchester United hosted Bayer Leverkusen at Old Trafford.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is indeed many Johnson manages the united at this time mean -- it seems 1980. -- it -- -- bullies and that's it ultimately winning stunts he needs -- stand up. -- -- As he does little to sign at that. Both -- and I took again boats -- any -- insists united fronts. -- close in the fullback but in eight didn't catch it cleanly. To -- up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gladiator didn't make him -- since Simon wells. Equal rights is that it's dead inside you didn't have the one inning leads. And it's yet. It's the movement and backhand side and hoping that this team has still insists United States. He stuck it wonderfully on the funny. That gives them a level that just five minutes. It comes to make it easy to. It together and it is little full with the media entity handing out it's his second -- of the day -- that -- it I did. Late night the Eagles still -- Beating. Smoltz into -- sentiments yeah. Asked into the books and could not instantly united. -- it is now but it's an idiot Valencia with a flying cities. Michael the -- It is complete it's bandits they meant so threatened that some athletes and agents and I'm not -- the -- Significant limp into the great states. Manchester United and out here and comfortable witness at the ends when he -- -- that they -- blades.

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