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Antonio Conte believes Italian champions Juventus should not be considered amongst the favorites to win this year's UEFA Champions League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You've been so gay -- -- -- assuming none at all -- I think that you -- can be considered in Europe it's. As a team preparing to face the champions league as an outside. But I don't create difficulties to any team. And we know who -- well. What we can do. -- which objectives we can I -- him without putting any limits on ourselves. None of these cities and few. We have another year of experience. And -- essential for us to -- -- in these. When I talk about experience that. I'm referring to the half we followed last year. And -- to the match we played against no children off -- I mean the if we -- -- he -- risk putting -- qualification in danger. Pencils. I believe that from this point to gave. That's what the multiple took him to the team is much more Mitchell he competes. And -- that in the European competitions and hitting them. He should -- all matches that your best to that he'd. Adjust them and you know especially because there are only six matches in the champions league group stage and simple that it and it's difficult to recover any slip ups. That does it the confusion.

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