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Manchester United Manager David Moyes talks about his European competition debut this week in the Champions League.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- successive time the Manchester United head into the business end of the UEFA champions week. But -- -- loved Tuesday's opening group match against I had Leverkusen represents the very new challenge. David -- takes so much of the red devils' first European game of the place thanks an era. And I couldn't be thankful you subscribe at all change when something -- his name come to town again. Really -- -- it -- things that you -- much yesterday to. Every team's -- -- -- you challenge there a tough one well. I'm -- from multiple job. Still faces a dilemma over the fitness of Wayne Rooney after the England Straka played the full ninety minutes of -- to get into the Crystal Palace at the weekend. But he does have deadline day signing Aaron but I need to go to palm of his -- and edited. I've always nice he would need everything at his disposal to make it through tricky group stage. I think. That's a good would get. What we've seen from Germany -- to -- well to move to candidates if we shut them through. That's developed themes which obviously. I see it as a as a potential for that. With the united placing a -- European history. -- eyes will be -- David -- under the floodlights of Old Trafford Tuesday night's.

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