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Chelsea's loss to Everton on Saturday was a bitter sweet experience for Jose Mourinho.


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It is almost. -- chances and chances and didn't score. You know people experience and will mean yet if and a the spectators. We don't know that it's happened. We got to be in trouble if ovals that you don't score. Well done. -- critics. Means nothing. And he's -- create these horrible. You know through Barnes. And giving him twelve. This is a simple. Simple sport. But perhaps what. Q is -- you know one -- one -- let's. Let's give it. Know we've got the profile of that is we have. And since then again I know you know. That. Gives up and compatible. If she's a complete different well. Have -- and that is in the definitely Beatles fan and I was friends is exactly what we did and his. And his game but. A -- devote to that because. And disapproval adult. We built rolls. So it.

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