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Arsenal's record signing Mesut Ozil is already proving his worth, being singled out for praise by manager Arsene Wenger in the Gunners' 3-1 Premier League victory over Sunderland.


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It was like the team made an outstanding first half. And those dropped easy to initiative after what she comes Thursday night. And I decide you don't need to -- yeah. -- played in this morning news source. That. Stumbled about. And didn't feel that way but. To -- to be physically in the second half but -- sort of stuff wasn't outstanding. I. I am extremely happy -- two days -- -- because she schooled but usual boy and a big play was. He's improving from game to game. I think these become very important pitiful. The break -- meadows right moment for Sunderland and they would come back is a different proposition sick enough we. We came back strong. -- fusion piece to combat to 11. Stuff that I needed to mental resources to fund to go to game. Avoid -- -- you. Eventually gave. And interest -- one of these. These Sunderland have viewed -- being strong in the second half of those commuted on.

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