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Current Video:Pellegrini believes Manchester City will thrive on pressure|

Manchester City's Manuel Pellegrini says his side will thrive under high pressure this season.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The session at today's weather and shoot the old monopoly -- and Manchester City. Maybe tripped on the road so far this season that you were damaging defeat at indictment Condit and now militants to battle awaits the troops. They tablets we tell you stated takes takes its he would have really cold some today a solid not a nine to find the old -- -- -- bus -- on the table -- Well I think formula for the team not for the job that Chris and I must always beat him at Christmas approve. -- -- from -- and if briefed on them and we we played Premier League to open it up with a one for me it's less likely. But it is saying none of the position he said he thinks it very positive. For this team. Someplace clash marks the beginning of the congested schedule for Danica release point so it's different champions would not negotiate seven games in 22 days. Started Tuesday's chipped -- -- to -- in the champions league attention not just a -- three pointers -- -- But I think it's a big test for all to be certain clubs here on pickups Rangers -- literal but leaks. We we have seven games seen plenty Wendy's. It's 2 September 11. Before due in two national bring in October. Ops to the same thing October November sweeps you know when they send -- that's why we. We this squad -- -- twenty to look at -- -- because we know how important now what keeps me. -- Turkey this specialists it needs he needs and it. I think he will be about that it Silva said they had the day because some of Sonics to it and gave it takes. And the team is without its problems on the back eat that this defendants in some company -- -- she doesn't want to Richards on sale on the sidelines.

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